Researcher Immediately Bypasses Latest Apple AirTag Anti-Stalking Features

A researcher in Germany has publicly released a post on how to bypass Apple’s latest efforts against unwanted tracking.

On February 10, Apple addressed this by publishing a news statement titled “An update on AirTag and unwanted tracking” in which they describe the way they are currently trying to prevent AirTags and the Find My network from being misused and what they have planned for the future.

…I was quite surprised, that when reading Apple’s statement I was able to immediately devise quite obvious bypass ideas for every current and upcoming protection measure mentioned in that relatively long list.

[…] They introduced the first-ever system for easy, cheap, worldwide tracking into a world where “unwanted tracking has long been a societal problem”, applaud themselves for implementing broken anti-stalking features, and now coerce others into also implementing protection against the tracking network they have rolled out.

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