Wordfence Stops Protecting Russian Government Web Sites

Wordfence is a popular service to help protect WordPress servers from attacks. Its CEO has announced they are giving its service away for free to Ukrainian top-level domains (.ua) while simultaneously removing its service from Russia.

…effective immediately, blocked Russian government websites from using Wordfence. Those sites will continue to have Wordfence installed and will function normally, but they will no longer receive any threat intelligence from our servers. That means they will no longer receive firewall rules, malware signatures, a list of IPs currently engaged in brute-force attacks, or our IP blocklist. We are not taking any action against non-government websites in Russia as we do not want to affect civilians.

No longer aiding Russia makes sense when sanctions are announced that prohibit trade with Russia. It begs a deeper question, however, whether Wordfence could shift into more active measures such as pushing rules and signatures that would make a government site vulnerable.

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