Lara Logan Switched from News Reporter to Extreme Right Propagandist

Way back in January 1946 the American-born William Joyce (known as Lord Haw-Haw, and who infamously started his Nazi propaganda broadcasts with “Germany calling”) was executed by Britain for treason.

…being a person owing allegiance to our Lord the King, and while a war was being carried on by the German Realm against our King, did traitorously adhere to the King’s enemies in Germany, by broadcasting propaganda.

A similar fate came to a extreme right “spin” broadcaster in France, Paul Ferdonnet, as I’ve written about here before.

How far have we come? The explanation given by those who worked with Lara Logan is that she used to have editors and producers filtering noise to keep her away from dangerous extremes and conspiracy, but she lost access to them when she pushed harder faster and fell too far off the rails.

One former CBS producer who worked with her, Peter Klein, said in an interview that the structure of a large newsroom was a moderating influence. “There’s a system in place in newsrooms that offer checks and balances,” said Klein, founder of the Global Reporting Centre in British Columbia, a nonprofit. “Most of us need that system — but she really needed that system. And we knew that from the beginning,” he said. “Now she’s just unfiltered,” Klein added.

Now instead of being ignored she found a rapid rise to prominence by abandoning integrity, feeding into paranoia, removing quality and espousing extreme right propaganda.

The switch most likely began soon before she very loudly refused to accept basic truth in 2013, as that same article details.

Sounding more like an advocate for the military than a reporter, Logan told her [2012] audience in Chicago that she hoped the government was getting ready to deploy its “best clandestine warriors” to “exact revenge.” The world should know, she added, that the United States would not be attacked and then “stand by and do nothing about it.” And she accused the Obama administration of playing down the threat from the Taliban, and of lying “about who they really are.” Then, about a year later, she began telling people she was working on a story that “was going to blow the lid off Benghazi,” according to one person’s recollection. The story she came up with was the kind of work known inside “60 Minutes” somewhat dismissively as a “book report” because it was based in part on a forthcoming book. Logan interviewed the author, a security contractor stationed in Libya, who said in a segment that aired on Oct. 27, 2013, that he had helped defend the compound on the night of the attack. He described in harrowing detail how he came face to face with the enemy. The New York Times reported several weeks later that the contractor had, in fact, told the FBI that he was not inside the compound that night. After initially defending Logan and the report, CBS News retracted it and apologized. Logan and her producer were placed on a leave of absence, and she acknowledged having made a “disappointing” mistake. The network’s chief and executive producer of “60 Minutes” at the time, Jeffrey Fager, later called the story “the worst mistake on my 10-year watch.”

She really, really wanted to believe a vulnerability narrative and push a hard-line military perspective, so much that she let it divorce her from even simple facts about actually who was inside a compound being attacked.

Now she has transitioned into false victimization paranoia market, marrying a defense contractor and moving to Texas, where the extreme right operates most dramatically to excite and agitate social conflict.

More to the point, back in 2010 she had been flagged for “misfire” and showing poor judgment. CNN’s former chief military correspondent, Jamie McIntyre, said what General McChrystal and his aides did was so egregious that Logan’s defense of them…

…unfortunately reinforced the worst stereotype of reporters who ’embed’ with senior military officers but are actually ‘in bed’ with them.


Wait, it was even worse for Logan as she gets called out for being a direct threat to real journalism by trying to replace it with militant fetishism.

…Logan implies that somehow military service trumps the journalistic tradition of truth-seeking. If critics, who are already predisposed to believe the worst about the media, are looking for evidence combat reporters are too dazzled by the shiny stars on the commander’s epaulets, this is their smoking gun.

CBS was thus late to send her packing, as they could have avoided “their worst mistake” of a decade.

Ironically after Logan was held to account for highly-politicized positioning in opposition to the U.S. government she decided to become a vocal critic of journalists as propagandists if they didn’t fall in line with her own political views.

And her views have been exposed as becoming more and more preposterous, unhinged conspiracies with no factual basis.

In the below video note how she describes an “aha” moment growing up in South Africa. As a white girl she says she believed Black people are bad, then credits those people for instilling in her a belief anything can be true (she was forced to accept after the end of apartheid that Black people in prison were in fact not bad).

Her victimization views are truly so deranged they’re being promoted in Russian propaganda in an attempt to help invasion of Ukraine.

Let’s be clear. Russia has inherited the mantle of Nazism and Ukraine is defending against it. Logan is upside down and backwards, which I guess is obviously why RT is promoting her.

This is a repeat of years ago when Logan attempted to undermine science and promote baseless paranoia when (during Hanukkah no less) she falsely tried to equate a modern U.S. government officials’ expertise with disease eradication to… Nazism.

Lara Logan, a host on Fox News Media’s streaming service, compared Anthony Fauci, the nation’s leading infectious disease expert, to the infamous Nazi doctor Josef Mengele, who worked at Auschwitz during the Holocaust.

These absurd and shrill comments make her whole career seem like it has been a slow-moving attempt to restore white power after being confused by the fall of apartheid.

She brings to mind a bigger issue in America.

Why are white South Africans of her particular age becoming such large-scale proxies for right wing extremism in the U.S. trying to amass power through military, financial markets and media (e.g. Thiel, Musk, Logan…)?

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