Facebook Profits From Killing American Children

Advertising for domestic terror groups is a profit center for Facebook, implicated in mass murder by “great replacement” (e.g. white insecurity) extremism. Media Matters gives a simple explanation:

…white supremacist “great replacement” conspiracy theory that reportedly inspired the latest mass shooting in Buffalo, New York, helping to mainstream the hateful theory. In our latest study, we found that Facebook has profited from at least 50 ads from right-wing political candidates pushing the racist rhetoric, and there were hundreds of posts with similar rhetoric from right-wing media outlets, including Glenn Beck’s TheBlaze.

Even more to the point, Media Matters gives a simple list of those promoting violent domestic terrorism, which Facebook obviously could have done as well to prevent attacks.

Ads about the “great replacement” and “great reset” conspiracy theories come from organizations and individuals including:

  • True Texas Project
  • Greg Cook (candidate for Alabama Supreme Court)
  • California College Republicans
  • Republican Women of Madison
  • Truth & Liberty Coalition
  • Ruben Landon Dante (ran in Texas’ 14th Congressional District)
  • Bianca Gracia (ran in Texas’ 11th state Senate District)
  • Ed Humphreys (candidate for Idaho governor)
  • CPAC 2022
  • Turning Point USA
  • Brian Lenney (candidate for Idaho state Senate)

Ads claiming migrants are invading the border came from candidates including:

  • Gary W. Black (candidate for U.S. Senate from Georgia)
  • Rep. Yvette Herrell (R-NM)
  • Raul Reyes (candidate for Texas state Senate)
  • Michael Lee (president, Board of Supervisors in DeSoto County, Mississippi)
  • Jonah Schulz (ran in Ohio’s 7th Congressional District)
  • JR Majewski (candidate running in Ohio’s 9th Congressional District)
  • Jim Lamon (candidate for U.S. Senate from Arizona)
  • Elijah Norton (candidate running in Arizona’s 1st Congressional District)
  • Rep. Jake Ellzey (R-TX)
  • Mike Gibbons (ran for U.S. Senate from Ohio)
  • Blake Harbin (candidate running in Georgia’s 6th Congressional District)
  • Andrew Gould (candidate for attorney general of Arizona)

[…] After the shooting, right-wing media, political figures, and organizations continued to post anti-immigrant “invasion” rhetoric, despite its influence on the alleged shooter.

Facebook doesn’t just turn a blind eye to fringes of extremist domestic terror narratives that are killing American children, the platform seems to be completely full of it.

…right-leaning pages accounted for nearly 83% of related posts from news and politics pages and nearly 94% of interactions.

Nearly 100% of interactions were from right-leaning pages, which speaks directly to the activation of domestic terror cells and politically motivated shootings.

The centrality of American groups openly spreading domestic terrorism is a repeat of history in the late 1800s and early 1900s, which culminated in the platform of President Woodrow “KKK” Wilson leading directly to 1919 Red Summer of terrorism and Tulsa’s financial district firebombed in 1921.

Tactics were so brutal and violent that when Nazis in 1930s Germany studied these American “great replacement” political groups (both state and non-state actions, including gas chambers and concentration camps) they considered it too barbaric.

America was involved in a 1915 “war of extermination”, coupled with Zyklon-B gas chambers and even ovens burning groups of people in what was called a holocaust. No wonder the BBC ran an article that reported plainly in Spanish… “México sirvió como un centro de experimentación importante de esas ideas.”

Read that again, the Germans using “great replacement” theory to plan genocide thought America’s overt and messy domestic terrorism of the early 1900s under the rise of the KKK’s “America First” platform (let alone the 1800s genocide of President Andrew Jackson) was too extreme for Nazis.

On that note, Idaho and Texas both have history that predicts easily why politicians there today would promote the platform that murders children in America who aren’t white.

Ask yourself this: how old was Carmelita Torres when she was brutally murdered by American border officers in 1918? And why don’t more Americans know the “Latina Rosa Parks“ by name, after she died trying to protect non-white girls from being raped in America?

Click for full page. El Paso Morning Times (El Paso, Tex.), Vol. 37TH YEAR, Ed. 1, Monday, January 29, 1917 (Source: University of Texas at El Paso, El Paso, Texas.)

Then ask yourself whether Facebook is just a sad repeat of the worst mistakes in history?

Or as Cosmopolitan put it recently

New products are being weaponised against women, but is it just the tip of the iceberg as we enter a boom period for technology abuse?

Yes, we have been in a boom period of technology abuse for at least a decade already. Primary targets of abuse are women and children, especially those in minority groups.

I would even argue Facebook management in 2015 clearly turned a corner towards actively becoming the worst possible vision of technology — intentional profit from harm — never straying far from its awful origin story (a college student wanted to use the web to harm women for his personal gain).

Interestingly, in an article on how to help people get through “unspeakable horror” comes the advice give victims more control.

Encourage your kids to convert “passivity into activity,” Weissbourd said. If they feel strongly about gun control or school safety, let them get involved in political action or advocacy. “Anything that will help them feel like they might have an impact on this problem, that it will be less likely to happen again if there is collective action, is really important.”

And that gets to the heart of this issue. It’s a key to unlock the problem.

The “great replacement” platform is a dangerous domestic terrorism fiction. It is based on a non-existent victimization, which gins activation of Americans using propaganda to convince people to become domestic terrorists — assert control through mass murder of non-white women and children.

It takes many more people to form effective collective action among real targets and victims to prevent yet another violent killer, than for a false victim to grab on to some technology designed to harm and start using triggers (e.g. assault rifles and Facebook).

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