Winny and Trend

Winny seems to be peer-to-peer software in Japan that is behind some high-profile incidents. Computerworld reports that even a leading anti-virus company has been bitten by the program:

Trend Micro became the latest of a number of corporations or government agencies to report data losses as a result of viruses on the Winny network. Winny can be downloaded at no charge and is a popular way for Japanese Internet users to exchange music and video files.

Documents, including police investigation materials, training manuals for Japan’s Self-Defense Force, data related to nuclear power plants and information including the names of sex-crime victims, have all found their way into the public domain via Winny, according to local news reports.

The string of leaks led a senior Japanese government official, Chief Cabinet Secretary Shinzo Abe, to call on people not to use Winny.

“We cannot prevent information leaks unless everyone takes antivirus measures,” Abe said at a news conference on March 15. “The surest way is not to use Winny.”

Coming next, the Japanese government officials will politely ask people to stop eating Fugu.

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