Meta Police State: “animated avatars are acting as privacy loss leaders”

Facebook is being exposed yet again for its relentless and sinister plans to destroy privacy, this time from pushing unsafe visions of virtual reality (VR).

Stark said the outcome was predictable. And he suspects that the default “off” setting for face tracking won’t last long. “It’s been clear for some years that animated avatars are acting as privacy loss leaders,” he said. “This data is far more granular and far more personal than an image of a face in the photograph.”

Archaeologists had to warn people this ornate “dog collar” is not just neutral technology, as it was designed and used for human hostage exploitation. Source: Rijksmuseum

Facebook’s vision of the future sounds more and more like they’re trying to recreate ornate slave chains and collars of the past for a new police state.

Source: Meta campus

Do you recognize the dangerous harm intended by them when you look at their “Quest” technology?

Artist’s rendition of Meta Quest users. Source: Clara Sornas

Meta Quest is a “dog collar” of Metaverse.

Perhaps The Atlantic, a vanguard publication of abolition, put it best:

Stripped of their gloss, these devices are similar to the ankle monitors and surveillance apps such as SmartLINK that are forced on people on parole or immigrants awaiting hearings. As the author and activist James Kilgore writes, “The ankle monitor—which for almost two decades was simply an analog device that informed authorities if the wearer was at home—has now grown into a sophisticated surveillance tool via the use of GPS capacity, biometric measurements, cameras, and audio recording.”

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