Elon Musk Shuts Down Twitter Offices After Demanding Staff Return to Them

Twitter is operating like the Titanic, except its new captain is suicidally pushing to sail faster into every iceberg as he pushes his own crew overboard.

The chaotic flip flopping of a CEO issuing self contradictory orders gives new meaning to “fail whale”.

In the latest dumb twist the company told all its staff to return to the office right before it locked the doors so they couldn’t return.

CEO Elon Musk and others were afraid employees would “sabotage the company” … just over one week after Musk put an end to remote work at Twitter. In his first company-wide email since taking over, Musk told employees they would no longer be allowed to work remotely and needed to return to the office within days. Musk clarified Thursday that employees could still work remote…

Afraid of sabotage? Oh the irony. I can’t emphasize enough how dangerous it is for Musk to normalize anti-safety and attack everyone. His “fears” are in reality toxic to safety.

Hundreds upon hundreds of Twitter employees have technically resigned but still have access to Twitter’s internal systems, with some speculating it is because the employees tasked with managing that access also resigned.

The joke in security circles is that the dumb billionaire has been demanding someone install badge verification readers for an eight dollar bill.

Unforced errors are piling up by a CEO who likes to steer erratically and floor the accelerator without looking where he’s going.

Here’s another critical Musk flip flop to watch. In his bid to buy Twitter he constantly lied about being an anti-regulation extremist who welcomed any speech.

Earlier this month he defended carrying Russian propaganda on his internet system Starlink, saying, “Sorry to be a free speech absolutist.” […] It’s a curious kind of “free speech absolutist” that defends carrying Russian propaganda but tries to silence American newspapers.

After making himself CEO Musk viciously set about censoring Americans and abruptly firing anyone critical of him even in private… while he still criticizes them.

Some reports say Musk has been spending his time hunting down critics just to silence them.

Staff choosing to remain at work were told this week that they should not be speaking at all anymore as they couldn’t be trusted.

After the CEO tweeted strange misinformation about an operational error, anyone caught correcting him even in internal channels was terminated without notice.

Demanding in person meetings at the office were thus said to be little more than screening and loyalty tests to him personally. Musk allegedly wants to personally rid his staff of anyone who would dare to report him for breaking laws.

If nothing else all this exposure about his compete lack of spine and fragility laced with impatient gross incompetence proves the long standing point that Tesla engineering is worthless. It’s just a box of lies based on censorship (a new “cult Trabi“).

Nobody who values human life, including their own, should be driving or riding in the Titanic of the roads known as Tesla.

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