Police Bypass Camera Password to Find Missing Doctor

A missing person story is being reported as a doctor fell through ice on his pond and days later was found by police.

I couldn’t help notice an important buried lede, which makes it more into a story about personal data systems and emergency doors.

Payan was last scene exiting his home Thursday afternoon, via password-protected security cameras that detectives were able to eventually gain access to on Monday, authorities said.

You might wonder if faster cracking of the system would have helped. The police made a point of saying no, based on timing of their authorization (missing person report).

“Detectives believe Dr. Payan would have been deceased, prior to when he was reported missing, due to the weather conditions on the day that he left his residence and the fact that he was in the water,” they added.

Ok, but you have to admit “eventually gain access” is intentionally pretty vague.

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