Hundreds of Russian Soldiers Using Cell Phones Were Just Targeted and Killed

Russian soldiers newly arriving to occupied Makiivka, Ukraine were gathered together by Putin into a building next to a large ammunition depot and ordered to watch the dictator’s latest message.

Some, or even many, allegedly turned on their cell phones.

Such an obvious concentration of static, undisguised enemy targets sitting on top of explosives probably was impossible for Ukraine to overlook.

Then the Russians were dead.

Russia’s defence ministry said on Wednesday that 89 servicemen were killed in the Ukrainian attack on Makiivka over the weekend, adding the main reason for the attack was unauthorised use of mobile phones by the troops.

Russia wants to shift responsibility for all the massive loss of life onto the soldiers themselves, as if repeated pointless suicide missions with over 100,000 dead hasn’t yet been proven the fault of Putin himself.

The “main reason for the attack”?

Who are they kidding? Ukraine isn’t at war to stop cell phone use. I’d suggest the outcome might have been even worse for Russians without cell phones, since at least survivors could still surrender if they had one.

Ukraine’s estimate for their missile strike impact is in the hundreds (400 killed and 300 wounded). Given their accuracy in hitting occupation military targets at this point, they probably know casualty rates far better than Russia.

In other words, while Russia has been highly accurate at hitting non-targets (they just shoot at civilians and static critical infrastructure, neither posing any threat), Ukrainians are again demonstrating here the logical opposite: precisely wiping out entire military formations.

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