1943 Wireless Map of Nazi “Wolf’s Lair” Communications

By 1942 it was abundantly clear that the technologically lesser Nazi Germany would lose WWII.

And yet Hitler and his minions, connected through a hiding hole in Poland (“Wolf’s Lair” — Adolf is a derivative of wolf), remained delusional and genocidal.

Nowhere did Adolf Hitler spend as much time during the Second World War — the dictator passed around 830 days in the bunkers at Wolf’s Lair. […] Hitler lived in this tomb, he worked and slept there. “It seemed as if the seven-meter-thick concrete walls that surrounded him figuratively, separated him from the outside world and imprisoned him in his madness,” said Polubinski. …where Hitler, his generals and marshals not only planned campaigns but also discussed the genocide of the Jews in detail.

Here’s a map of the connections and communications, which used the broken Lorenz encryption system (when they weren’t using Siemens).

The highest and most sensitive Nazi communication ran on Lorenz, a cipher machine broken so badly that Allied intelligence built a 1943 map of the entire command structure heirarchy. Source: GCHQ

On the very far left is Rommel’s HQ (Army Group B), for example, which communicated through layers to Army HQ in the center-right.

The British labeled Lorenz machine communication channels as “fish”, which you can see here in detail.

Decryption of the Nazi Army leadership allegedly was like shooting “fish” in a barrel.

After the war the Polish turned the Nazi HQ buildings at the heart of this map into a strangely “grotesque Disneyland” where locals would admire the concrete, fire toy German guns and play… things you rarely hear about.

All food for thought to those who ask me 1) can Putin avoid assassination and 2) when will he quit. The bigger question is how many generations will be lost for each month his delusions run in front of watchful eyes.

It’s no coincidence the extremist militant criminal partner of the Russian Army has been genocidally kidnapping children from occupied territory for indoctrination and servitude, after naming itself for the infamous Nazi “Wagner“.

…Wagner was the deputy commandant of the Sobibor extermination camp in eastern Poland. It was not a conventional concentration camp, because there was no work for those who arrived.

Sobibor was a killing center. Its production line was as sophisticated as a complex modern factory. In just 15 months, 250,000 men, women and children stepped off the train in the morning, were gassed by lunchtime and their corpses burnt before dawn the next day. By then their luggage had been sorted and packed for shipment to Germany. […]

He didn’t kill the same way as the other Germans. He didn’t shoot, he tortured…when he killed he smiled. Murdering was his pleasure — you could see it in his face. He didn’t consider it a duty, it was more his private matter.

Russia’s Wagner has always been a private criminal matter of ethnic cleansing by design and name, not like a duty-bound Army. It’s all in the communications with Putin, which someday may be exposed.

Basically the Nazi children (Hitler jugend) were indoctrinated with fear and hate. Then they were forced into the unjust war their fathers already had lost, told they would be killed if they refused or surrendered.

If you didn’t know, now you do.

Delays in stopping a dictatorship’s known war crimes and ignoring ethnic cleansing has a clear precedent.

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