Twitter Much Slower After Elon Musk Predicted It Would “Feel Faster”

Recently I wrote about Tesla being in potential hot soup with regulators because of the CEO making false statements that seem to violate SOX.

Well, take a look at Twitter, which more and more feels like the Tesla dumpster fire every day.

Musk seems to announce a new thing coming “next week” all the time, and often those deadlines pass and whatever feature was allegedly coming is never heard of again. (Remember the feature that would tell you if you’re shadowbanned? Or improvements to the search function? Or the content moderation council? Or letting creators charge for video?)


Another of Musk’s ongoing projects is to improve Twitter’s performance. At the end of last year, he claimed progress. “Significant backend server architecture changes rolled out,” he tweeted on December 28. “Twitter should feel faster.”

In fact, publicly available data indicates that Twitter has been slowly degrading since that month, when it shut down its Sacramento data center.

Changed stuff. Significant stuff. Should feel better? Nobody in operations should communicate like this, let alone a CEO. It’s disinformation.

How many times does a three little pigs story have to end with dead pigs before Elon Musk’s customers realize he sells them into flaccid straw houses by claiming they “should feel” like brick?

Strong man? No, straw man.

Seriously that whole bogus hardworking sleep at the office narrative rapidly is being torn apart as Twitter engineers are allegedly walking out for days instead of sitting around idle.

Why stay at work when the infrastructure to get work done doesn’t even work?

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