Elon Musk Just Layed Off The Staff Who Believed His Promise They Wouldn’t Be Layed Off

If you’re still working at Twitter you might think the lesson from the Titanic is that promotions were open territory soon after its skipper drove into an iceberg.

Musk fired Crawford last week, as part of yet another round of layoffs at the company — after Musk promised late last year that there would be no more layoffs.

Crawford apparently thought she would coldly benefit from others being pushed into lifeboats, as if a big promotion suddenly was hers if she slept on the deck or complimented the skipper’s pants.

Layoffs instead came for those who foolishly stayed, those believing their CEO promise there would be no layoffs.

First they came for PR and she said nothing, then they came for engineering and again she said nothing, then they came for her…

This CEO is constantly saying things immediately proven false. He uses a classic tactic of permanent improvisation, formerly known as white supremacist dictatorship.

Layoffs are unfortunate, but layoffs soon after layoffs while promising no layoffs… that’s executive malfeasance.

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