Marriott Hosts “I love Hitler” Rally in Washington DC

Marriott has a long and sordid history of promoting hate groups by giving them a platform.

2023 is turning out to be not that different.

Fuentes capped off his [Nazi petition to eradicate satanism, feminism, liberalism, and Judaism] by saying it was “a long way of saying I love Hitler” while the crowd chanted “Christ is king.” The speech was held at a Residence Inn by Marriott in National Harbor, Maryland.


  • 2023: Black male guest pulled from Marriott room and evicted after white woman on staff disliked his words to her in the lobby
  • 2022: Marriott hosts white supremacist group celebrating Russian invasion of Ukraine
  • 2022: Marriott hosts anti-LGBTQ hate group’s national conference
  • 2021: Westin Hotel Discriminated Against Jewish Singer Then Hired a Neo-Nazi Security Firm
  • 2021: Marriott International puts a stop to a Uyghur conference (Muslims)
  • 2020: Black guest told to “get the f- off the property” by Marriott manager.
  • 2020: Marriott tells Black guests they can’t gather there because “we don’t want that type of business”
  • 2017: Marriott hosts hate group conference (anti-Muslim)
  • 2017: Marriott calls police to remove demonstrators covering up the hotel’s swastikas
  • 2016: Marriott call police to arrest guest for wearing a “thawb” (Muslim)
  • 2010: Marriott says no to Muslim conference, cancels event with refund
  • 2005: Marriott International puts a stop to an “event” at Bethesda North Marriott Hotel and Conference Center celebrating the Iranian Revolution (Muslims)

Marriott seems more than ready to discriminate. Blacks reportedly are being made uncomfortable, speech policed, told to leave…Muslims have their events cancelled, their clothing policed. Meanwhile hate groups find the hotel bends itself over backwards to be seen as an “inclusive” and “hospitable” destination for white nationalist violent extremism.

It reads like a Chappelle Show skit.

You might think complaints to management could get someone’s attention, until you read about Marriott work culture.

Management began a team-building exercise by requiring employees to bring in photos of themselves as babies to see if their colleagues could guess who they were…. Robinson said that it would be pointless for him to participate in the exercise because he was the only black person in the office, the suit states. When Robinson’s sales manager heard his explanation, she balked and said she would pick a photo for him and showed him a depiction on her computer of the Buckwheat character…

Here’s another taste of Marriott management.

“Nobody would call the police on a chalk brigade…” [stated Mark Geall, hotel owner. The police didn’t hesitate to call him a liar:] “The complaint to our officers was regarding a group of people on the property who were using chalk to draw outside.”

To set the scene, Geall’s Marriott had hate symbols prominently displayed on new construction and whined it was very hard to prevent or remove swastikas. When a group showed up with chalk to easily and quickly display “messages of love and unity” instead — peacefully protest the blatant hate symbols — Marriott rushed law enforcement in to fight like they had some kind of emergency — violently defend their swastikas.

There seems to be an attitude of relaxed stupor hosting and promoting white nationalist hate speech, yet when people show up with even a hint of views the hotel dislikes (e.g. Islam, Judaism, anti-racism) Marriott jumps with heavy handed threats and censorship.

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Arnold Schwarzenegger Tells Antisemites They Will ‘Die Miserably’ If They Keep Spreading Hate.

Marriott should listen to Arnold and stop spreading hate. Do the hard work.

Let’s be honest, everyone in hospitality knows an “I love Hitler” rally flagged by the Southern Poverty Law Center is probably the easiest ban of all. The hotel even openly confirmed it knew it was hosting a Nazi rally.

Hatewatch spoke with a hotel staff member prior to the event in a phone call on the afternoon of March 4. Hatewatch asked if Nick Fuentes and the America First Foundation were scheduled to hold an event that day, and the staffer confirmed.

A guard for a Marriott hate group event wears “America First” and “Ye” markers of Nazism. Source: Ford Fischer

They knew.

Marriott “want that type of business“.

This is exactly who Arnold is talking about when he criticizes spreading hate as lazy.

“It’s easier to hate than it is to learn… Nobody who has chosen the easy path of hate has gotten to the end of the road and said, ‘What a life.’ No. They die as miserably as they lived.”

2 thoughts on “Marriott Hosts “I love Hitler” Rally in Washington DC”

  1. Man you nailed it with this post. Best analysis I’ve seen anywhere, especially highlighting Marriott stopping and rejecting Muslim events. Just one nit, that Residence Inn WENT SUPER BAD when they got involved in having their employees or agents chase press photographers away, off public property! That’s beyond inviting Nazis into their house, and into actively participating in hate group actions, directly facilitating them even while loud slurs are being chanted. Marriott didn’t just step over a line here, they basically had staff light a cross on fire to attract people who travel with a noose.

  2. What you’ve done here is completely blown apart Marriott. Bravo. Anybody trying to claim this as a speech issue just needed this list of bizarre unfair shaming, policing and banning actions to see how Marriott carefully curates speech. I see a case of a brand with horrible bias. Deep racist issues. The open facilitation of white hate groups while repeatedly shutting down the voice of people targeted by those hate groups? There’s no defense for this. None. Marriott is exposed for undermining democracy. A platform for hate is not inclusive.

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