Russian Military Learning Slower Than a Tesla: Casualties Surpass 200,000

If people don’t know how to swim, they take swimming lessons or drown. Right?

It’s foundational to enlightenment that human independent skill, an evolving ability to learn and adapt, doesn’t come from divine intervention (e.g. one day suddenly being thrown totally unprepared into the deep end of a pool with no help doesn’t end well).

Of course dictators hate this because it means slow and steady pace at low margins, hard work with unpredictable outcomes, is where power really comes from. How is a tyrant supposed to monopolize power and exploit people busy reinvesting in themselves, let alone thinking about the power shift gained when consent has been learned?

“Computer Power and Human Reason,” by Joseph Weizenbaum (inventor of ELIZA chat bot), 1976

For years we have been witness to Tesla’s tinpot tyrannical CEO throwing “intelligent” cars and his defrauded customers into a deep end of a pool without any proper swim lessons. Of course they’ve been drowning at alarming rates, killing hundreds unnecessarily.

A “version 11” is still running red lights, and probably should be grounded. Imagine a bank robber saying “that was just my eleventh beta robbery, you can’t arrest me until the day I finally learn how to avoid being arrested.” It’s a fool’s recipe for destroying society with fraud.

The Russian military similarly is dumping unprepared machines and soldiers into high risk conflict with tragic mass deaths as a result. It reads to me the same as Tesla.

Russian brigade destroyed and reformed 8 times

Some military analysts foolishly predicted Russia to adapt and revise during battles, but we are now witness to the exact opposite.

…[SATMO has] seen a flexibility in [Ukrainian] planning and operations that is inherent in Western doctrine [that is] not inherent in the Soviet style of top-down command [still used by Russia].

Up to 100 failed Russian assaults in a single day is like Tesla “driverless” disengaging every mile. These are systemic problems due to mismanagement, and why monopolist leadership is about hiding failures and building “exit moats” instead of learning how to reduce and avoid harms.

Russia has had roughly just five weeks of major winning, all in the beginning from the end of February until late March; the rest of this period of escalation, Russia has been almost entirely losing. That’s right, that’s little more than five weeks out of over fifty weeks of Russia winning with over ten straight months of Russia losing, its miniscule gains coming at such terribly Pyrrhic costs that considering them “victories” is a stretch.

Version 8 may become version 11 with the same deadly results because whether in Russia or Tesla corruption makes true learning economically and politically unviable to these dictators.

Once you realize Musk and Putin are operating in the same mindset, bullies who see all of humanity only as disposable machines, you can see why any future they aim towards is demonstrably worse for everyone.


The elephant in the room is whether war no longer expected as context for leaders facilitating mass crimes against humanity. Is Tesla enough of a political entity setup to harm that the ICC can charge executives with crimes?

The people (no longer) support Milosevic. A minority, less than 20%, think that Milosevic doesn’t deserve to be in prison. But some people don’t understand that in order to be an equal and recognized part of the democratic community, we should fulfill the conditions and respect the rules of the democratic community.

Or maybe the opposite? Tesla continue to be used as violent explosive assault weapons, so perhaps they’ll be reclassified for conditions of war like missiles and bombs and thus owners held to account for adherence to agression doctrine. I guess just watch America and wait.

At this critical moment in history, I am pleased to announce that the United States supports the development of an internationalized tribunal dedicated to prosecuting the crime of aggression against Ukraine,” US Ambassador-at-Large for Global Criminal Justice Beth Van Schaack announced Monday.

Update: This just in! More of the same. Let’s call it the 10th version.

“Russia’s 10th Tank Regiment has likely lost a large proportion of its tanks while attempting to surround Avdiivka from the south,” the British Defense Ministry said in its daily intelligence update. The ministry said the losses were likely due “tactically flawed frontal assaults” similar to Russia’s failed attack on nearby Vuhledar.

Sounds like a Tesla to me.

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