GPS Spoofing

The old attack vector was just to block GPS signals, but the BBC News says Sat-nav systems are under increasing threat from more sophisticated attacks.

“You can now buy a low-cost simulator and link it to Google Earth, put on a route and it will simulate that route to the timing that you specify,” said Professor Last.

“A GPS receiver overcome by it will behave as if you’re travelling along that route.”

We have relied for too long on open communication. This is yet another case for authentication between devices.

Of course I must say that even with 100% assurance my GPS device is connected to an authentic signal I would still be concerned about bogus directions. Just the other day Google maps tried to send me to a city center when I asked for an airport, and my GPS suggested I turn left in the middle of a bridge. Aside from all that, however, authentication definitely needs to be factored into the future of navigation systems.

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