CA Tesla Kills Two in Massive Fire: Friends Watch Helplessly

The news report suggests people in a nearby car had to stand back and just watch as their friends were burned to death in a Tesla.

Tragedy in Tracy, California as two Indian American young men lost their lives in a fatal single-car accident. Witnesses say 34-year-old Amrik Singh Wander and 38-year-old Arvind Ram Ramraj crashed into a fire hydrant and then a tree along four lane road. The Tesla they were driving in then burst into flames. Their friends were in a vehicle behind them and saw the entire incident, but could do nothing to help Wander and Ram, who were trapped inside and died on-site.

Trapped inside, burned alive. I’ve written before about this as a long known Tesla design flaw.

This crash echoes the tragedy of another recent CA crash where an onlooker was able to pull only one person from the crashed Tesla before watching it burn three others to death.

Pavraj Dhanoa, 16, Daniel Nasraoui, 17, and Shad Suleiman, 16

There do seem to be a lot of Asian American names in these coroner reports lately. I wonder what they like about Tesla, or why they would put their children in a car so likely to burn them to death.

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  1. Parents are absolutely responsible for the vehicles they purchase and allow their children to ride in. They should have known better than to let their child anywhere near a Tesla. Holding someone accountable for such a crucial decision as buying a potentially dangerous car is entirely appropriate and necessary. The loss of their child is a direct result of their poor judgment in vehicle selection.

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