Quoted in “Enterprises will test the limits of LLMs”

A new interesting report by Jon Reed has a lot of thought about use of LLMs in the Enterprise. He included the following comment from me, calling it “spicier” than others:

As per my assertion that ChatGPT won’t adapt well to the enterprise, Ottenheimer responded:

I agree with this line of thinking. Your belief is well-founded in what probably should be described as post-enlightenment thinking. The post-Newton – or perhaps post-Hume – scientific rigor of discarding things that are probabilistically false helps Enterprises navigate towards a progressive upside of profit without causing harm. The very nature of an Enterprise business model is that it operates using efficiencies, better known as regulations, to avoid costly known bad behaviors. Academic approaches to data lean towards overly “wide spectrum” or “both sides” doctrines, dragging everything and anything into view yet eschewing accountability for errors. ChatGPT has had some very problematic missteps and hasn’t yet proven it won’t blindly drive an Enterprise into some wasteful, entirely avoidable accidents and real harm.

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