Police Stop Tesla Threat to Children: Blowing Through School Stop Signs Flashing Red

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Ontario, Canada: September 22. This seems like yet another case of Tesla software failing to see children and stop signs.

Halton police pulled over a Tesla that allegedly “passed a school bus that was stopped, had its lights activated and children were loading onto the bus”

A 30 year old woman ignored a stopped school bus loading children, because she bought a Tesla. Of course the first thing that comes to mind is this recent news:

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) on Friday said it will probe the March 15 crash in North Carolina that injured a 17-year-old charter school student. The State Highway Patrol said the driver of the 2022 Tesla Model Y, a 51-year-old man, didn’t stop for the bus, which was displaying all of its activated warning signs.

March? Let’s also talk about the 16th of May, when a Tesla plowed into a school bus in New York.

Tesla ignores school buses and puts children at risk of death? Yes, it’s a long known problem that shows no signs of being addressed.

We’ve done tests over past years. “For a school bus with kids getting off, we showed that the Tesla would drive right past, completely ignoring the “school zone” sign, and keeping on driving at 40 miles per hour [25 miles per hour over the posted limit, a measly $500 maximum fine].

The latest research says driverless cars are ten times worse than human drivers (Waymo/Cruise crashing every 60,000 miles, whereas human drivers average 600,000 miles).

The latest NHTSA data paints an even worse picture for Tesla, revealing a jump to 30 fatalities (12 more since January 2023). The average now seems to be one death reported by Tesla in every ten of their “Autopilot” crashes.

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