Russia Alleged to be Behind Hamas Terror Attack on Israel

Sergej Sumlenny, the Russian-born managing director of the European Resilience Initiative Center in Berlin, says this morning’s bomb-dropping drone video in Israel has Russian fingerprints.

The reported widespread electronics jamming, effectively disabling countermeasures, coupled with such a single precision anti-armor bomb does seem a bit contrived to be just Hamas.

Marko Mihkelson, Chairman of Estonia’s Foreign Affairs Committee, has also pointed out the relevance of Russian attempts at destabilizing regional security.

The timing and reasons for the Hamas attack are linked to Russian and Iranian interests. Hamas is known to be strongly supported by both countries. Hamas leaders have twice held consultations in Moscow in the last 12 months and it is quite obvious that Russia has a wider interest in both distracting attention from Ukraine and, on the other hand, complicating Israel’s rapprochement with Saudi Arabia by creating tension in the region.

It’s worth noting that while the majority of the world is quick to condemn Hamas for initiating terrorist attacks on Israel, Russia is officially adopting a “both sides” narrative.

We call on the Palestinian and Israeli sides to implement an immediate ceasefire…

Already in three ways you should be able to see the problem.

We have tactical evidence showing the sophistication of an invisible bomb-dropping drone, political evidence indicating recent consultations between Hamas and Moscow, and then we see Russia taking a weak-kneed stance on terrorist attacks.

Moreover, as if three ways weren’t enough, there is additional evidence of Russia’s hand in the form of unusually sophisticated attacks targeting civilians.

…planned, coordinated and large-scale attack by militants, which resulted in dozens of victims in the first hours of the attack. At the same time, the victims were civilians who were shot by Hamas militants in towns near the Gaza Strip.

Hamas suddenly demonstrated unusually coordinated (loud) multi-front incursions and immediately started shooting to kill any civilians they encountered anywhere. One reporter described nine Israelis simply waiting at a bus shelter being gunned down in cold blood. A music festival for peace was ambushed, with at least 240 people murdered in a “killing field“. Another report described Hamas targeting and killing a civilian paramedic in a marked ambulance while he was engaged in medical duties.

The unfortunate twist to these escalating terror attacks, before we delve too deeply into Russia pushing such horrible events, is that Hamas also may have been pulled into Israel’s far-right extremist strategy of provocation and wait.

Russian President Vladimir Putin has welcomed the return of Benjamin Netanyahu as head of the most far-right Israeli government the country has known and signaled an intention to strengthen cooperation, the Kremlin said.

Israel’s newly elected PM had “chosen Putin over Biden” and refused to arm Ukraine against Russia. Meanwhile he instructed his government to “pursue” full annexation of the West Bank and put a “professional extremist troll” in charge of police. A former chief of staff for the Israeli leader revealed in April 2023 that Netanyahu was aligning himself with Russia’s “win at all costs” mentality, seeking unilateral undemocratic control much like Putin.

He wants to be like Putin, is seeking unlimited power.

And so earlier today we heard of Hamas throwing themselves abruptly into a brazen attack, and then the phrase

Israeli Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, declared earlier: “We are at war and we will win”

Netanyahu was facing heavy and growing domestic political resistance before this massive terror campaign erupted. What does Russia have to lose by throwing Israel’s leader a sad excuse to end democracy, attack Hamas and invade Gaza (let alone annex the West Bank)? Russia is desperate for allies, and Israel’s increasingly far-right extremist political government seems willing to oblige for a small favor — starting a war.

The most straightforward argument against any notion that Putin and Netanyahu have conspired to manipulate this situation, with the aim of cornering Hamas militants in an untenable position of killing hundreds of civilians, is that this war is being reported as a significant intelligence failure on Israel’s part.

How is it possible that, on the most heavily surveilled border in the world, equipped with cutting-edge defensive technology and an extensive intelligence network, Israel was caught off guard by a group of gun-waving irregulars on tractors, motorboats, motorcycles, and paragliders?

Yes, I said paragliders, for those who remember the 2014 Malaysian-trained Hamas arrests followed by a very strange July 2023 German diplomatic gaffe.

Israel has condemned the EU’s outgoing envoy to the Palestinians after he paraglided over Gaza’s coast to draw attention to the blockade of the strip. A video showed Sven Kühn von Burgsdorff declaring he had carried out “the first Gaza paragliding flight in history”. “Once you have a free Palestine, a free Gaza, you can do exactly the same thing,” the German diplomat adds. Israel’s foreign ministry said it was a “provocative action” that served as propaganda for militant groups in Gaza.

And now, surprise!

October 7, 2023. Source: ET

Historians also will undoubtedly highlight and contrast today with Prime Minister Meir’s situation on October 6, 1973. She had intelligence suggesting an impending attack on Israel but, based on her military advisors’ counsel, chose not to launch a preemptive strike. This controversial decision led to an establishment of the Agranat Commission of Inquiry to investigate “military failings” and ultimately resulted in her decision to resign.

She is shown taking the fall for the egregious errors of her military leaders — in particular Chief of Military Intelligence Eli Zeira and Defense Minister Moshe Dayan — to protect the public’s faith in its army. Documents declassified in 2020 showed that Zeira ignored intelligence warnings that Cairo and Damascus were poised to attack, withholding the communications from the government in his belief that the chance of imminent war was “lower than low.” Meanwhile, Dayan objected to fully mobilizing troops in the hours before the war, according to his testimony to the Agranat Commission, which was declassified in 2008.

That article about the war of October 1973 was published only a couple months ago in August. It concludes with an interesting prediction.

…leadership blinded by hubris and power can poison a society. He referenced the current political crisis in Israel, in which Prime Benjamin Netanyahu’s efforts to weaken the Israeli Supreme Court have triggered mass protests that have been ongoing since January. “It’s kind of crazy that today we see the Yom Kippur of democracy in Israel,” said Nattiv. “The blindness again, the same debacle that happened in 1973 is returning now.”

Here we are, witnessing a situation that mirrors the events of 1973. Some people speculate now whether Netanyahu will face consequences for either knowingly or unknowingly allowing a Yom Kippur War II, but historically his reputation has been marked by a lack of accountability.

One has to wonder whether Netanyahu (in consultation with Putin) has planned this whole thing, including of course how to avoid a fate similar to Meir’s through various means.

Firstly, Netanyahu has shown no intention of stepping down for any reason. Furthermore, the element of surprise could enable Netanyahu to gain control over the military and enforce military service through declarations of war. This is especially important given recent protests against his leadership and refusals to serve in the military. Additionally, it might contribute to the growing normalization of relations between Saudi Arabia and Israel by forcing them to choose sides in a conflict. Lastly, it fosters radicalization among Israelis, pushing them into an “us versus them” mindset that undermines compromise and moderation, which aligns with the goals of Netanyahu (and Putin).

Hamas is Iran so that’s the obvious part for me, but too few are talking about the gift from Russia. Iran gives basic munitions stock to Russia for their ongoing occupation of Ukraine, Russia then gives sophisticated operations training and coordination to proxy Iran’s intentions of… Israel’s occupation of Gaza?

I can hear now the Russian Wagners laughing cruelly as they say “sure, yeah our mercs in Belarus can get your Hamas across that line and blow stuff up, sure yeah whatever you want Iran. We’re sick of Ukraine too. Just show us the money”.

Electronics jamming and high precision anti-armor attack drone? That’s Russia practically begging to be recognized. The only thing more Russian is trolling the world with an official statement for “both sides” to ceasefire in a terrorist attack.

6 thoughts on “Russia Alleged to be Behind Hamas Terror Attack on Israel”

  1. You’ve hit the mark on most counts, but let’s tap the further layers of a geopolitical chess game. Iran, in this intricate dance, plays the role of the cunning proxy. Their endgame? Provide a significant arsenal of weaponry to Russia for war with Ukraine, encompassing a vast array of technology including rockets and drones, in exchange for invasion plans and training funneled into terrorist-camps of various Gaza-based groups, most notably, Hamas.

    These terrorists, true to their ruthless nature, seem bent on indiscriminately shedding innocent blood, aiming to incite a full-blown conflict that drags Israel into declaration of war. And as you’ve correctly stated here there’s more to this intricate web of international intrigue than meets the eye. Behind the scenes, Russia harbors its own ambitions, hoping that this chaos will serve as a catalyst to undermine democracy and solidify the grip of extreme-right authoritarianism. The reason? Well, it’s no secret that Russia’s leader, Putin, harbors a fondness for such regimes, given their pro-Putin leanings.

    Yet, amidst this labyrinthine plot, what’s missing in your assessment is the influence of Iran in directing Putin’s hand. As the tail wags the dog, the complexities of this relationship become increasingly pronounced and should not be underestimated. Putin, in his rising desperation and waning effectiveness on the global stage, is stooping and now beholden to the agenda of anti-Semitic Iran bent on totally destroying Israel, a factor that should not be taken lightly in high-stakes international power dynamics. Did Putin estimate he could double-cross Iran by wiping out Hamas to favor an emergent ally/trophy in anti-democratic Israel? Even if he fails at the prize, he whips up widespread terrorism and civilian suffering, a classic Putin strategy.

    Whether it means a slide into fascism from the core (Putin tactics) or waves of overwhelming suicide attacks killing civilians from the edges (Iran tactics) neither bodes well with Russia’s horrible meddling in the Middle-East.

  2. It’s extremely possible Russia has a part in this. More destabilizing of the west and a great opportunity to move the attention away from Ukraine and the activities in Africa. We always have to ask, who has the most to gain from a crime and tragedy of this proportion. It’s certainly not benefiting the Palestinian civilians or moderate Middle East countries. We seem to be losing interest in what Russia is doing in Ukraine which serves Putin well. Remember that Putin is a monster and cares less about savage attacks on civilians in his quest to destroy the west and this includes Israel which has US protection. What better way to divert interest and resources away from Ukraine. We need to wake up!

  3. Nice points Tom. I accept this challenge to go deeper. We hear Israelis call this war their 9/11. Those probably are the Israelis who remember, I mean the people who know HAMAS was created by Israel.

    Israel’s experience echoes that of the U.S., which, during the Cold War, looked to Islamists as a useful ally against communism. Anti-Soviet forces backed by America after Moscow’s 1979 invasion of Afghanistan later mutated into al Qaeda.

    “Hamas, to my great regret, is Israel’s creation,” says Mr. Cohen, a Tunisian-born Jew who worked in Gaza for more than two decades. Responsible for religious affairs in the region until 1994, Mr. Cohen watched the Islamist movement take shape, muscle aside secular Palestinian rivals and then morph into what is today Hamas, a militant group that is sworn to Israel’s destruction. Instead of trying to curb Gaza’s Islamists from the outset, says Mr. Cohen, Israel for years tolerated and, in some cases, encouraged them as a counterweight to the secular nationalists of the Palestine Liberation Organization and its dominant faction, Yasser Arafat’s Fatah.

    When was the last election in Gaza, like 15 years ago? Got rid of them “leftists” just like the Jan 6 terrorists were supposed to do. Gaza is what America looks like if…. Now, to take the lesson forward appropriately, this means expect Netanyahu to take Putin’s help to become the biggest thorn in Russia’s side. Turnabout, as they say. Never works out well with these violent authoritarians trying to always “out-authority” each other.

    You’re so right about the ceasefire. Who can forget Indira Gandhi deciding India would arm, fund and train the LTTE of Sri Lanka only to see one of their female suicide bombers assassinate her son, Rajiv Gandhi. The President of Sri Lanka, Ranasinghe Premadasa, likewise tried to use weapons and cash to cow the LTTE, only to be assassinated himself. Ceasefire with Hamas only means they get stronger.

    The answer is a nonviolent transfer of power, which never can happen with Hamas preventing nonviolence. Oops. In the meantime, the question is how Israel wants to unscrew themselves after they harshly undermined Palestinian secularism as too “leftist”. Their result is… rise of hard right religious warriors like the HAMAS version of a trigger-happy assassinator Mike Pompeo. Remember him? Targeting innocent women with organized gruesome violence, ending political freedom, parallels life in Texas or Mississippi, even though eyes right now are on fundamentalist terrorist cells run out of Gaza.

  4. Ukrainian intelligence reports the Russian Wagner Group has been training HAMAS for this attack. Also captured Ukrainian weapons are said to have been transferred by Russia to HAMAS. Solid lines appearing for Russian indirect role

    The actual use for that new Belarus camp of Wagner with Iranian ties? That UAV drop onto Merkava was the result. “There was contact between Iran and Belarus and a cooperation agreement on drones”

    But they suddenly relocated in late August, I guess now we know where (Beirut) and for what. “It was not immediately clear where the tents and the Wagner fighters are being moved to.”

    They are answering a New Arab question raised recently: “Will it be the Russian MOD, Prigozhin, or local Wagner commanders on the ground who might strike special deals with local governments in exchange for money?”

    When you see Wagner as the face of Iran, Russia, and Turkey you get the triad of motivation, expertise and funding used for the last several months in Lebanon so mercenaries could train Hamas for a coordinated invasion.

  5. Just something to note that has not been said.

    The US has stockpiled large quantities of artillery munitions in Israel in case a war breaks out again such that it is readily available (RUSI gave info on this some time back).

    It just so happens it is of a type needed by the Ukraine with it’s defence against Russian attack. The US were in the process of starting to ship it to the Ukraine.

    For obvious reasons that is not going to continue, thus giving Russia an advantage in it’s Ukranian enslavement and colonization plans. Also it will help reduce preasure on Putin within Russia as well.

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