Putin Assassinates Yet Another Russian Oil Executive

February 2022 Lukoil called for peace in Ukraine. September 2022 Lukoil chairman Ravil Maganov fell to his death from a Moscow hospital window. Lukoil was forced to state that he “passed away following a severe illness.”

Reports of recent high profile assassinations in Russia, as previously mentioned, have now put the total at 40 people dead.

That’s the same number as people killed with Tesla Autopilot. Which is worse?

Here’s the latest, another oil baron:

A top executive at Russia’s second-biggest oil company has become the third person to die suddenly in the past 18 months at the firm, which last year took a public stand over Vladimir Putin’s invasion of Ukraine.

Chairman of Lukoil Vladimir Nekrasov died after suffering acute heart failure, the company said on Tuesday. It did not respond to a request for further comment.

Mr Nekrasov replaced the previous head of Lukoil’s board Ravil Maganov in September last year, after he died falling from a hospital window, according to state-run news agency TASS.

Putin has even ordered his critic’s spouse and children killed, just like the families killed in a gruesome “veered” Tesla crash.

Is it any wonder how penalty of death means nobody in Russia dares to show any real thought or competence, just like under Tesla management?

More and more Tesla death court cases reveal that engineers are focused on avoiding or burying criticism, instead of on fixing their growing numbers of fatal design flaws.

Tesla engineer Ashok Elluswamy testified in court July 2022 how “Autopilot” AI had been an intentional fraud from its start, killing nearly 40 owners.

And so the death toll rises from these dictators who even collaborate.

Russian President Vladimir Putin on Tuesday praised Elon Musk, calling [sabotage of Ukraine communications the work of his] “talented businessman.”

Which is more likely now, Americans dying in a Tesla “driverless” crash or Russians falling to their death from a Moscow hospital window?

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