Tesla Quietly Refunds FSD to Owners Who Claim Fraud

When owners who haven’t been killed yet by FSD sue Tesla for fraud, then it is removed and they are refunded.

I bought a Model 3, taking delivery in July 2019 and paying £5800 for the FSD extra. My view was that Tesla had failed to deliver on the contract with how they described FSD at the time, and so I ended up taking them to court for £5800 plus interest and costs. Just before the court hearing was about to take place, Tesla settled with me, the core of the settlement being:
– FSD removed from my car, e.g. just standard Autopilot
– Tesla paying me a little over £8000

Obviously standard Autopilot is also still a fraud, so those costs would have to be recovered separately.

Everyone with a Tesla is encouraged to sue.

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