Volvo Quietly Pulls Ahead of Tesla Semi Disaster

Once again I find Volvo quietly shipping quality BEV vehicles around the world, fulfilling real orders for real drivers.

Volvo FH Electric Semi Truck has been delivering real results in real world tests. All the quality engineering expected, while being quiet and professional.

Meanwhile… somewhere in the cocaine and cigar-filled elite boudoirs of Texan “big future thinker” events Tesla still shows up as the worst kind of corrupt political clown show.

Tesla announced to Wall Street in 2017, for alleged purposes of juicing stocks and soaking up big government handouts from California suckers, that 200,000 Semi trucks would be delivered and on the road in 2022.

Here we are in 2023 and, hopefully to nobody’s surprise, Tesla lies are again coming in to roost.

Fewer than 100 Tesla Semi trucks are alleged to exist. Such a woefully late vehicle also has a failure rate rate so high that even contrived tests need at least three available to complete. The real world means 100 of them delivered is equal to having an actual fleet of 33.

The stupidity of Tesla, a complete inability to engineer anything, couldn’t be more obvious.

Why did they put the seat in the middle? Because they are lazy. Surely they thought it looked more like a train seat, and didn’t care to think about the real world. It’s not a train.

Why did they use weak car parts and copy car designs for a truck meant to undergo heavy loads? Because they are lazy and greedy. Surely they thought it would save them money and didn’t care to think about the real world. It’s not a car.

I could go on but the point is that Tesla is not capable of real engineering. They assemble bad ideas and then stoke investments using completely irresponsible fiction.

Tesla is always cooking and cooked. Anyone buying into their vision is either too uninformed to see such basic fraud, or participating in that fraud.

My guess is Pepsi is the latter, somehow conspiring with Tesla to defraud the public through government corruption (e.g. creating a “tunnel company” simply to divert taxpayer money and prevent proper public transit from being built).

For simple comparison, the Volvo BEV Semi just set a distance record across Australia. It works. It is operating safely and to normal specs.

To complete the [760 mile] trip, the Volvo FH Electric had to be charged 8 times at an average of 1.5 hours of charging time. Basically, the trip was broken into 2 hours driving and then 1.5 hours of charging. To make sure the trip was compliant with legislated driving hours, Volvo used two drivers to complete the journey. To ensure the trip was as “green” as possible, the Volvo team used the Evie charging network, which runs solely on renewables.

The total time was reported at just 8 hours longer than a diesel truck would have taken to cover nearly 800 miles. Known improvements in charging stations is expected to bring the time delta down significantly.

Meanwhile over in Tesla’s dumb and dirty clown show of always being a dollar short and day late…

PepsiCo did a 500-mile trip with the Tesla Semi from California to Phoenix, but it was just for PR purposes. The batteries completely burned out, which is why on PR trips like this, they bring three Tesla Semis, with two being towed on a diesel Semi truck, only to be swapped out when the battery dies the other two Semis on the 500-mile drive…

The only way a Tesla Semi works, despite being years late, is to hide a diesel Semi doing the actual work for it. Pretty sure this is the definition of fraud.

Tesla Semi is unquestionably another disaster from a man stuck in fantasy and known to disappoint. It’s really a metaphor for the privileged white man of South Africa who fraudulently claims everything is his work, even while suckling government handouts, stealing ideas and depending on others for actual work without sharing any credit or attention with them.

Go Volvo.

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