Desperate Tesla Begs US Gov for Handouts to Pay For its Move to Texas

Tesla is perhaps not known well enough for shutting down high speed rail in CA with a “hyper loop” pipe dream that never delivered anything.

They threw fiction into PR cycles using scam and propaganda methods because they couldn’t handle any competition with their poorly made cars (which are increasingly killing hundreds in “veered” head on collisions due to quality failures).

At the end of the day, Tesla became little more than corporate welfare with a fraudulent CEO taking handouts while far more sensible public transportation was delayed or cancelled.

Now, he is at it again, setting up another transfer of public funds to his pockets with a total fiction about semis.

The automaker has requested $100 million from the United States government to build nine charging stations for the Semis, according to CleanTechnica and Bloomberg. The stations will be strategically positioned between Northern California and the southern border of Texas.

Build a high speed train instead. Problem solved.

This is little more than Tesla trying to trick the US government to fund a private shipping corridor between two private factories so Tesla can move its assets to Texas.

It’s a dumb political stunt and total waste of money, which is why Tesla wants to troll someone into paying for it.

Why Texas? More like Apartheid, it has less protection of working people from exploitation by racist billionaires.

Source: Twitter

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