Climate Change in Australia? Crocodiles Roam City Streets

Here’s a headline I wasn’t expecting:

Flights stopped and crocodiles seen roaming streets as severe floods hit Australia’s Queensland

And then the details:

Amid the incessant rain and power outage, the people of north Queensland were also forced to deal with the fear of crocodiles after the reptiles were spotted walking down streets. ABC journalist Chloe Chomicki recorded a video of a crocodile in a drain in Ingham – a town of about 5,000 people. The crocodiles were also spotted in the floodwaters of Wujal Wujal over the weekend.

One thought on “Climate Change in Australia? Crocodiles Roam City Streets”

  1. This is my neck of the woods! There’s some longer footage of the crocodile being dragged out with a rope and relocated to a safe place. It’s the SOP around here.

    Crocs relatively rare and not as dangerous as most people assume. As the Australia Museum says, all the people killed each year by snakes, crocodiles and sharks can be counted on just one hand. In a nation of over 25m people it’s not an issue.

    But going back to your point about climate change, it has long been predicted that a signpost of change here in the far north of Australia would be fewer but larger cyclones. I’d rather have 10 Category One cyclones per year than one Category Five every decade.

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