Criminal Charges: German Tesla in “Veered” Head-on Collision

A German news report says a Tesla tragically veered head-on into an oncoming car.

Den Fahrer des Tesla erwartet nun ein Strafverfahren wegen fahrlässiger Körperverletzung bei einem Verkehrsunfall.

Negligent (fahrlässiger).

The Tesla driver now faces criminal proceedings for causing negligent bodily harm in a traffic accident.

You can clearly see in the photo from the emergency crew that road markings were obscured, and the Tesla failed similarly to many other Autopilot cases of head-on collision.

Tesla rutscht auf Gegenfahrbahn © Feuerwehr Miesbach. Source: Rosenheim24

At this rate other car brands on the roads may need to have a warning system for when a Tesla is near, so they can prepare for evasive action and assist everyone being negligently harmed by Tesla.

Tesla drivers are involved in more accidents than drivers of any other brand.

The brand is not only a complete fraud, the worst engineering on the road, its faults are causing increasing damage to society. The more Tesla, the more disaster.

Tesla deaths per year only get worse and worse. Source:

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