Colorado HB23-1011: AgTech Right to Repair Starts in 2024

Last year the government of Colorado drew a bright line on the right to repair, which just went into effect. Hundreds of thousands of agricultural workers can now legally fix their own technology without unfair interference or fees by manufacturers.

Starting January 1, 2024, the act requires a manufacturer to provide parts, embedded software, firmware, tools, or documentation, such as diagnostic, maintenance, or repair manuals, diagrams, or similar information (resources), to independent repair providers and owners of the manufacturer’s agricultural equipment to allow an independent repair provider or owner to conduct diagnostic, maintenance, or repair services on the owner’s agricultural equipment. A manufacturer’s failure to comply with the requirement to provide resources is a deceptive trade practice.

Here are the bi-partisan primary sponsors of the bill, who seem to have done an exceptional job writing technology concepts into law:

  • Brianna Titone – Software Developer
  • Ron Weinberg – IT Solutions
  • Nick Hinrichsen – Transit Operations
  • Janice Marchman – Teacher

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