Elon Musk Changes X Brand to Gaslight

And fruit flies like a banana.

One of the remarkable things about studying the gaslight methods of Hitler, is how similar they are to Elon Musk.

Let’s set the stage properly by acknowledging that Musk’s family emigrated from Canada because in WWII they wanted to help promote a white nationalist genocidal dream of an Apartheid South Africa. They idolized Hitler and his methods of coercion and control.

Hitler, for example, would issue a decree that guillotines are barbaric and you’re not supposed to use them, right before he’d order them installed in all his prisons to murder tens of thousands of his political opponents.

Elon Musk thus regularly says things like he hates the people who hate. Get it? Dictators see themselves as above the law.

Right now he is promoting the brand of hate he likes (Nazism), while demanding others stop promoting hate he dislikes (his perceived opponents).

“You’re not supposed to be fostering hate,” he pointed out.

As owner of the social media platform X [formally known as Twitter], Musk — a self-described “free-speech absolutist” [who censors all speech he dislikes]— has faced heavy scrutiny for allowing users to share sometimes bigoted content [all of the time].

In November, he was condemned by the White House for commenting on an antisemitic post that blamed Jewish people for pushing hatred against white people, writing, “You have said the actual truth.”

“You’re not supposed to be fostering hate” should be read as…

Elon Musk wants to be in sole control of who gets to foster what hate and when. His love of Nazism is unmistakable, right down to the very Hitleresque gaslight tactic.

He will say he is opposed to any mention of genocide, while also saying he’s opposed to all censorship and treats genocide as a matter of different perspectives.

Elon Musk stated that there are “two sides to China’s repression of the Uyghur people”. …stated Mr. Hidayet Oghuzhan, President of IUETO. “Any company conducting business in East Turkistan is complicit in the ongoing genocide. However, Elon Musk’s actions are particularly despicable.”

Elon Musk apparently benefits directly from the genocide he coincidentally pretends he is unfamiliar with.

Nazis love visiting Auschwitz. They really do. Trolls of white hate love Elon Musk for exactly the kind of negative performance he just put on for them.

What better stage can Elon Musk possibly find to promote his particular brand of hate?

…I see almost no antisemitism. […] Two-thirds of my friends are Jewish. I have twice as many Jewish friends as non-Jewish friends.

He says he sees no antisemtitism while walking around saying the most antisemitic things. Oh so clever.

He goes to a genocide memorial to say he knows nothing about the past (“somewhat naive about all this”), and he sees no harms today. Maybe he should have worn a giant Pepe frog pin on his jacket to show his true campaign.

Elon Musk visits Auschwitz

Instead he used an obvious antisemtitic phrase to put a big Nazi bow on top.

Such edge. So hateful. Very gaslit.

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