MN Tesla Suspected in Pedestrian Death: Police Seize Evidence of Autopilot

Chilling details are emerging from a case in Minnesota, where a Tesla apparently killed a woman walking her dogs.

Apart from spelling out the evidence the BCA has in hand so far, the affidavit also disclosed that two women told investigators they saw Donovan’s body on the hood of a smaller SUV heading north on the highway, with her head near the windshield.

Her body was lodged onto the hood until she fell off and was run over and left behind.

The story indicates the Tesla owner slept or otherwise ignored his road robot while it was killing someone.

State investigators have seized an SUV and questioned the owner of the vehicle they suspect was involved in a hit-and-run crash that killed a longtime family doctor as she walked her dogs near Lake Mille Lacs last fall.

The seizure of the gray 2022 Tesla X is among several pieces of evidence detailed in a court document filed Tuesday afternoon that point to an Edina man as the person who hit 56-year-old Cathy Ann Donovan around sunset on Nov. 13 along northbound Hwy. 169 near the southern shore of Lake Mille Lacs.

The man claiming to have no knowledge of any crash, and never stopping despite a pedestrian being flung onto his windshield and then run over, to me says negligent homicide by Autopilot.

Update March 13: Police say they don’t think it was that Tesla.

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