Trump Mocks U.S. Military, Calls on Russia to Invade EU

It’s interesting how Trump continues making headlines in his unrepetant treasonous trajectory straight to hell.

Here he goes attacking an active duty U.S. military member for service:

Haley then said that anyone who mocks the service of a combat veteran should not be president, and again challenged Trump to take a mental competency test to prove his fitness to be president. “I have long talked about the fact that we need to have mental competency tests for anyone over the age of 75. Donald Trump claims that he would pass that — maybe he would, maybe he wouldn’t. But if you mock the service of a combat veteran, you don’t deserve a driver’s license, let alone being President of the United States.”

The crucial point here is how Trump is mocking the military for serving.

He’s saying to America that the military should be ashamed for doing their duty.

And then here he goes saying Russia should invade the EU to destroy it.

Donald Trump, the 45th president of the United States and the presumptive Republican nominee, said earlier today that he would side with Russia against NATO and encourage Russian President Vladimir Putin to brutalize our allies. Not so long ago, many Americans—and especially most Republicans—would have considered anyone supporting such a view to be little more than a deranged and hateful anti-American fanatic.

Sounds like “deranged and hateful anti-American fanatic” is the GOP campaign strategy now. How much more anti-American can they get?

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