CA Tesla Kills One in “Veered” Crash Into Pole

A big crash, similar to many other sudden “veered” Tesla, has reportedly just burned a young man to death in University City.

The man was driving a 2021 Tesla Model 3 on Genesee Avenue near Centurian Square, near University City High School, shortly after 4:20 a.m. when he made an unsafe move and hit a right side curb, said police Officer Sarah Foster. The car continued forward and slammed into a light pole.

Other reports say the light pole was at 6900 Genesee, and I see there are very few poles to hit, so I’m guessing about here on the map.

Source: Google Maps

Notably, I can think of FOUR recent sudden unexplained “veered” Tesla crashes on California roads that looked exactly like this. Center divided four lanes with intermittent trees. FOUR sudden “veered” FATAL crashes. This is not normal. Tesla is not safe.

Update: Construction

Lanes will be shifted on Genesee Avenue to allow for two-way traffic; pipeline installation will occur in the southbound lanes and there will be one lane in each direction in the northbound lanes of Genesee Avenue.

One thought on “CA Tesla Kills One in “Veered” Crash Into Pole”

  1. The pictures you took from the internet do not reflect the current state of this road. There is a huge amount of construction going on, with lanes closed on each side and traffic diverted to one side of the road.

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