X Twitter Keeps Promoting Slavery. It’s No Accident.

Tesla workers described the CEO as someone who encouraged pro-slavery racism in the workplace.

…frequent use of racial slurs and references to the manufacturing site as a plantation or slave ship.

Now that same mindset has shifted to X Twitter, where Elon Musk promotes slavery and generates ad revenue from pro-slavery accounts.

That was several months ago, inviting X Twitter accounts to start promoting slavery. And so indeed, we now see monetization schemes and ad placements on pro-slavery comments such as these.

Pro-slavery hate tweet with 2.9 million views generates ad revenue for Musk… Will Stancil pointed out that Twitter has become “the largest, longest, most sustained hate rally in human history.”

This not some kind of accident. It is a CEO being intentionally, wickedly wrong about slavery for purposes of profiting on it, facilitating and promoting hate crimes.

It reminds me of the kind of willful moral bankruptcy that political scientists pin on a big fan of Confederate General Lee, the infamously anti-democracy Lord Acton.

[Acton’s] insights led him to analyses of the U.S. Civil War that were not merely wrong, but carefully, thoughtfully, wickedly wrong. He identified the cause of the Confederacy as the cause of freedom, even knowing slavery to be evil; and he thought this with firm commitment, for many years.

Acton is a toxic name, someone who thought slavery wasn’t the issue in Civil War, even though it was absolutely and most definitely the issue. Acton corresponded with Lee about Americans being held hostage, tortured and murdered, as some bizarre vision of “freedom”.

Now guess who has been putting up wickedly wrong Acton banners and quotes at the office.

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