Honey’s Anti-Bacterial Power

The BBC extols some amazing anti-bacterial properties of honey from New Zealand:

[Biochemist Professor Peter Molan] says UMF manuka honey can even tackle antibiotic resistant strains of bacteria – a growing problem for hospitals around the world.

“Staphylococcus aureas is the most common wound-infecting species of bacteria, and that’s the most sensitive to honey that we’ve found.

“And that includes the antibiotic resistant strains – the MRSA – which is just as sensitive to honey as any other staphylococcus aureas.”

The article has numerous examples from patients of successful treatments, such as this one:

I got bitten by an Alsatian. It grabbed my hand and gave me a five-stitch bite. So I went off to the doctors, and they solely used manuka honey, nothing else, no other treatment. I’ve got barely a scar now, and that’s only three weeks ago. Now in the medical kit I carry in the truck, I have manuka honey and bandages, and that’s all.

I wonder why the most antibiotic resistant strains are still sensitive to honey. They certainly have had the time to build resistance. The Maori apparently have known the healing effect of manuka honey for hundreds of years.

Image of a honey bee on the manuka flower from the Active Manuka Honey Association

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