Tesla Fires in SF Destroyed Two Vehicles Last Night

Berlin, Germany reported nine vehicles were destroyed by two Tesla arson fires in one night.

Then SF said hold my beer.

San Francisco authorities are investigating two car fires that occurred early Saturday within blocks of each other South of Market — both Tesla Model Y’s and possibly the result of arson, according to the owner of one of the vehicles.

Firefighters have given some clues already.

In each incident, firefighters responded with a truck and engine and were able to extinguish the fires quickly, in part because only the vehicles’ contents caught fire not their lithium-ion batteries.

Thus it echoes the recent lunar new year celebration in SF that made a firey public sacrifice of a road robot.

It’s also interesting to note that Berlin and SF reports both described Tesla in terms of societal harm. Balconies were covered in ash, street trees were catching fire. Neighbors probably are thinking they should stop a Tesla from coming into their spaces if they want to avoid more toxic fires. Parking lots definitely should prevent Tesla from entering.

Insurance companies might need to weigh in here and help ban Tesla.

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