NZ Tesla Kills One, Airborne for 30m

An alleged wealthy self-obsessed liar is in court to face charges that he murdered a woman with a Tesla.

Johnston found Sharma lost control of the Tesla after hitting the “dip” travelling at more than 100km/h, while noting there were no warning signs of the dip.

The dip and speed were contributing factors in the crash; Sharma losing control of the Tesla was a causative factor.

He was able to track the car’s movements by using the skid marks, which showed the vehicle going straight.

Sharma told Constable Daniel Zainey at the scene the crash occurred because he swerved to avoid a raccoon.

“As someone born and raised in New Zealand, I’m aware that we don’t have raccoons but it didn’t seem the time and place to point that out,” Zainey told the court yesterday.

Zainey added Sharma seemed concerned about what was going to happen to him when questioned at the scene after the crash.

“He said, ‘am I going to jail, what’s going to happen?’ … he was really concerned,” Zainey said.

Trying to save a raccoon? Will the court please give this caring, warm nature conservationist a medal?

Oh, right, racoons don’t exist in New Zealand (North and Central America only), which begs how the accused dreamed up that excuse.

And the facts from the January 4, 2022 crash are that he was speeding unnecessarily in a notoriously dangerous car when he coldly and cruelly murdered his friend… witnesses adding that he whined to them about avoiding accountability.

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