Lawsuit Alleges Drunk PWC Partner Used Tesla as Weapon

This echoes the Oregon Tesla tragedy. After a day and night of corporate sponsored drinking, a new lawsuit says a Tesla owner was “barely conscious” when he nearly killed a man by accelerating into him from behind.

“After drinking all night,” the lawsuit claimed, “Caba stumbled from the bars in the early morning of June 3, 2023, and attempted to drive home. His blood alcohol was over twice the legal limit, and he was so drunk he was barely conscious.”


While driving erratically southbound on State Route 85, Caba sped up behind Cooper, a Santa Clara County resident driving home from work, at about 100 mph, “approaching Mr. Cooper’s car as if it were standing still,” the lawsuit alleged.

Caba’s Tesla alerted him to the presence of Cooper’s vehicle, “but due to (Caba’s) level of intoxication and excessive speed, (he) ignored the warning signs and plowed right into the rear of Mr. Cooper’s vehicle,” the lawsuit claimed. “The forceful collision nearly killed Mr. Cooper and resulted in numerous forceful impacts along with catastrophic and lifelong injuries.”

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