The Beached Whale of Trucks: Yet Again the Tesla Cybertruck Gets Stuck

The beautiful Marina State Beach in Monterey, California has big signs posted that say “no vehicles on beach”.

That’s because it’s a nature preserve, yo. But also because people don’t know how to drive on sand. Everyone knows you can’t drive on beaches in California.

Of course an out of state Cybertruck owner, who probably wants us to believe they are too dumb to read, drove over a curb and the sidewalk to get themselves stuck into the California State Park beach.

Central Coast News station KSBW 8 posted a video to TikTok of the debacle.

And why did Tesla owners think they could drive on sand in the first place? Tesla marketing fraud strikes again.

Lead engineer on Cybertruck fraudulently promotes driving on sand as a solved problem for his product

It goes without saying that Tesla owners thrive on fraud, that they are buying themselves magic privileges, as if Elon Musk elevates them above laws (even the laws of physics) and makes them unaccountable for their obvious harms to society.

Instead of getting themselves unstuck, like any normal truck driver who knows how to use a traction board, this Tesla princess instead stood around hands in pants and had to call in the Marina Fire Department to do the hard work for them.

I’ve written here before about this exact problem: “Why driverless cars can’t understand sand“. I should have added monarchists.

On a hill,
through the snow.
In the sand,
Cybertruck won’t go.

Long story short. Cybertruck should be renamed Cyberstuck.

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