German Court Details How The “Deathtrap Tesla” Kills So Many People

In diesem Tesla S verbrannten zwei 18-Jährige im August 2022 bei Dobbrikow. Jetzt wurde der Fahrer verurteilt Foto: Pörschmann. Source: BZ-Berlin

BZ-Berlin has posted a report called “Todesfalle Tesla!” on a German court case, regarding a 2022 Tesla crash that trapped and killed two young women. (Translation by me)

Hersteller Tesla saß unsichtbar mit auf der Anklagebank. Denn nach dem Aufprall hatte die automatische Türentriegelung versagt, stellte der Gutachter fest. Folge: Die hinteren Türen ließen von innen und außen nicht öffnen. Laura und Noel (beide 18) verbrannten vor den Augen der Ersthelfer bewusstlos auf der Rücksitzbank.

In the dock, the awful shadow of a car manufacturer loomed large. The expert’s verdict was damning: Tesla’s automatic door unlocking system failed in the crash. The result? The rear doors were incapable of being opened either from inside or out in the crucial moments after the crash. Laura and Noel, both aged 18, were alive yet tragically were trapped and burned to death as first responders could only watch in horror.

The judge ruled two counts of negligent homicide and bodily harm. And the guilty Tesla owner has to pay the costs of the four lawyers for the victims and survivors.

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