FBI Opens Criminal Investigation of Boeing, Not Yet Tesla

This could pave the way of justice for the five hundred people killed by Tesla. Boeing safely landed the criminally defective plane, testament to having a professional human pilot on board, which can not be said for Tesla.

Published reports and government officials have said the U.S. Justice Department has opened a criminal investigation into whether the panel blowout violated terms of a 2021 settlement that let Boeing avoid prosecution for allegedly misleading regulators who certified the 737 Max.


The decision to designate the Alaska passengers as potential crime victims is a turnaround for the Justice Department, which a few years ago argued that families of passengers who died in the Max crashes did not meet the legal definition of crime victims.

A federal judge in Texas, however, ruled that the families did meet the standard. He said that under federal law, the Justice Department should have told them about secret negotiations with Boeing that produced the 2021 settlement.

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