Tesla Robots Compromised: Chinese Government Strikes Deal as a Death Spiral of Safety Failures Kills Car Sales

Elon Musk, frequently referred to as the welfare king who takes billion dollar handouts on broken promises, just made an abrupt desperate plea to the Chinese government to keep Tesla out of bankruptcy.

Real headline. Hey we all make mistakes sometimes. It’s just that Enron Musk, like his racist grandfather who helped build apartheid, makes self-serving national security mistakes to kill hundreds if not thousands of innocent people.

Failures in management at every level in the company are coming to roost with missed deadlines, collapsing sales, product quality decline, broken supply chains, and rising staff and customer injuries and fatalities.

It sounds like things are running about as well for him as his family who helped run the white racist apartheid government of South Africa (which collapsed in 1988, the reason he fled and became an illegal immigrant to America, where large handouts for lies made him rich).

Now the welfare king, being as on brand as ever and instead of doing any hard work to fix obvious issues, has just announced he courted the Chinese government for a lifeline to tug his sinking dumpster fire into even more trouble.

In exchange for what?

Tesla AI (FSD) has been proven already to be worthless, a tired and unsafe laggard. It stands out as the least innovative and most unsafe in the robotics industry by a long way.

Tesla reports to the NHTSA stand out (red dot upper right) with far more deaths and injuries than any other car brand. Source: Alshival Data Service

Ah, but what about those who see danger as a benefit?

If this news doesn’t scream national security failure corruption scandal, I don’t know what does.

The agreement with Baidu that is being reported would allow Tesla to go ahead with some autonomous driving technology in China. […] In December, a former Tesla employee told the BBC he did not believe the technology powering the firm’s self-driving vehicles was safe enough to be used on public roads.

Buried lede: China now likely will have some or all control over any Tesla killer robot operating mostly unregulated in other countries.

According to press reports, Musk struck a deal on… some requirements on data security. That, after he met with “old friend” Li Qiang, China’s premier.

You think China wants military intelligence robot soldiers freely loitering on American streets? Tesla is about to make it happen.

The 1984 movie Red Dawn was John Milius’ (Apocalypse Now screenwriter) comic book vision of how young American guerrillas could stop an invasion of foreign run machines.

Consider the brand now as little more than compromised robots in public and private areas around the world capable of Chinese mass surveillance and targeted assassination.

How much money did Elon Musk just beg for in return for throwing his customers and anyone around them under a giant autocratic military bus?

Tesla was imploding from its racism and basic incompetence. Now it’s managed to rope China into helping it suck democracy down too.

One thought on “Tesla Robots Compromised: Chinese Government Strikes Deal as a Death Spiral of Safety Failures Kills Car Sales”

  1. The author’s astuteness is quite evident regarding FSD being a fraud. Tesla’s half-baked rushed attempts at hacking a neural network to replace conventional coded lines is indeed a technology recently unveiled to the public. However, despite claims of significance to a recent “change” in technology, it’s crucial to recognize that FSD’s performance has been consistently disappointing, rendering it essentially worthless. Despite the false claims of innovation, repeated failures paint a different and more accurate picture of the future of FSD. Criticizing its shortcomings is not only justified but necessary to address the dangerous reality of its inherent limitations that stem from incompetent leadership.

    Tesla keeps “reinventing” FSD like a Chinese restaurant “reinvents” itself with a new name every two years to avoid being shut down for health code violations and cheating on taxes. The undeniable evidence of FSD’s inadequacy should prevent it from even being considered for public use anymore.

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