WA Tesla Cybertruck Crashed Straight Into Roundabout, Owner Sent to Jail

A so called Tesla “survivability” product proved itself once again to be a total fraud, with the vehicle heavily damaged and the owner behind bars.

Police in Snoqualmie, east of Seattle, were called out to a roundabout where they found a trail of destruction caused by a vehicle plowing straight over the top of the traffic circle and right through the neatly planted hedges and flowers at its center.


“SnoPo responded to the 4800 block of SE Tokul Rd and found the truck heavily damaged,” cops wrote in an update to their original post. “The driver was arrested for DUI, and Hit and Run.”

It’s hard to imagine a bigger disaster than Tesla right now. Their vehicle that had the most influence direct from their CEO, the one he tried to market as his personal vision of future survival, has repeatedly fallen apart or crashed. They seem to be failing faster than they can be fixed.

Could there be any more obvious lemon in all of car history?

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