Tesla Cybertruck Owner Slits Wrist on Delivery

The Cybertruck target market is truly bizarre because after complaining about everything wrong on delivery, a brand new owner concludes that his horrible experience is “great”.

This was said even after he literally slit his wrist on a body panel, losing so much blood he had to go to the emergency room, all documented online.

In summary, his truck arrives late, unclean, with parts hazardously falling off, with an unfinished edge so sharp “inadvertently brushing against” it sent him to the hospital.

That’s great?

Also note that Tesla has said to owners they should expect to buff this truck regularly, like at least daily, to prevent rust spots yet on his first buffing attempt he nearly kills himself?

Death cult?

Here are just a few examples from the glaringly awful story, which looks like a safety warning to others in the Cybertruckownersclub forum.


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