CA Tesla Kills Two in “Veered” Head-On Crash

More teenagers have been killed by “brutal” Tesla.

The collision occurred just before 8 p.m. Tuesday at the intersection of Vista Del Mar and Imperial Highway, overlooking Dockweiler State Beach in L.A.’s Playa del Rey neighborhood.

The victims were confirmed as two teenage boys who attended a school in the Inglewood Unified School District.

Video from the scene captured by Sky5 shows a massive response by emergency crews; another angle shows a mangled white Tesla near another blue vehicle damaged beyond recognition.

Source: KTLA

LAFD initially reported one was killed and two had to be extricated.

Firefighters extricated two patients, and transported a total of four patients (3 critical & 1 in fair condition) to local hospitals (ages/genders: 18M, 16M, 18F, 30F). The deceased (unknown age/gender) remains inside one of the wrecked vehicles

The teen driver of the car Tesla crashed into was killed instantly, and was expected to graduate high school the next day.

The Los Angeles County Medical Examiner’s Office has identified David Ceja, 17, who was pronounced deceased at the scene, and Hector Ceja Jr., 15, who died at a local hospital from his injuries.

The two were brothers. Police are investigating and say it’s unclear why the cars crashed head-on.

2 thoughts on “CA Tesla Kills Two in “Veered” Head-On Crash”

  1. The tragic Playa Del Rey crash is a stark reminder of the profound impact that such events have on everyone involved. Our hearts go out to all victims, including those caught operating a Tesla on public roads and the young teenagers whose lives have been forever altered. It’s crucial for us to reflect on the underlying issues, such as the circumstances that lead teenagers to be killed by Tesla and the need for safer transit options for our youth. By understanding and addressing these factors, we can work towards a safer future for all. Let us extend our compassion to every person affected by this tragedy and commit to fostering a more caring and responsible society.

  2. Although I don’t have any investment in Tesla, I believe this reporting is quite commendable. It’s a very insightful headline. Elon Musk’s point is that every single death is avoidable and should be counted against Tesla. In this case, it highlights the tragic incident where the car’s safety features and overall responsibility are under scrutiny, reinforcing the need for accountability and safety in all circumstances.

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