Honda makes more noise about diesel

Many of the Volkswagen diesel die-hard enthusiasts are buzzing about how excited they are to get a Honda diesel in 2009. That seems like the first year that all the clean-diesel engines will hit the market. I normally think of Volkswagen owners and brand loyal, but they seem to recognize competition is good for the development of the engine and they will support whomever is willing to bring new vehicles to the market.

With that in mind, I find it interesting that Honda again (I wrote about this last May) has made some noise about their committment to diesel:

But there are other solutions to reducing CO2. And another key strategy that has earned quite a bit of attention is our plan to introduce what could be the world’s first clean diesel engine. Honda’s direct injection diesel engine technology now offered in Europe has received critical acclaim for its performance, smooth operation and efficiency… and is selling well in four different vehicles.

Based on this foundation, within three years, we will introduce a new 4-cylinder diesel engine that meets the world’s toughest emissions standards. With hybrid technology focused more on small cars, we believe that diesel technology is the best fuel efficient technology for larger vehicles. So, R&D is also working on the development of V6 diesel engine technology. We do not have a timetable for introducing such an engine. But it is a key development goal.

Hmmm, already running in Europe? First or not, if it has Honda quality then there will be huge demand. Why the delay in bringing these advances to the US? And where is the diesel hybrid we want? Seems like Honda is testing, or chumming, the waters. Perhaps John Mendel just wants to hear from consumers what we really want to drive.

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