NIST announces Koala project

The NIST Information Technology Laboratory complex information systems group has started to discuss a new cloud computing model simulation meant to discover and characterize infrastructure “resource allocation algorithms”.

They call it the “Koala project” in a recent presentation and will publish “initial project findings” early next year. They also soon will provide draft use cases as part of their Standards Acceleration to Jumpstart Adoption of Cloud Computing (SAJACC).

Updated to add: I found the use cases online here

5. Cloud Security Use Cases
5.1 Identity Management – User Account Provisioning
5.2 Identity Management – User Authentication in the Cloud
5.3 Identity Management – Data Access Authorization Policy Management in the Cloud
5.4 Identity Management – User Credential Synchronizaton Between Enterprises and the Cloud
5.5 eDiscovery
5.6 Security Monitoring
5.7 Sharing of Access to Data in a Cloud

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