Economist profiles Hans Rosling

A professor of international health at the Karolinska Institute in Sweden gets a boost from The Economist in a post titled Data visualisation: Hans Rosling’s greatest hits

THIS week’s edition of The Economist includes Technology Quarterly, which in turn contains a profile of Hans Rosling. He explains how the innovative use of infographics in public health (the topic of many of his presentations) dates back to Florence Nightingale

Rosling’s point is that political stability of a country should be measured by whether fertility rates are falling; that is an indicator of successful education and health services.

“When I went to work in Africa [in northern Mozambique in the early 1980s], it was my intention to work as a practising physician who would improve health with existing knowledge,” says Dr Rosling. “That epidemic [of malnutrition and inappropriately prepared cassava root] humbled me, and so I became a researcher.”

The Economist lists these highly illustrative and inspiring YouTube videos





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