US Strip Search Apology

Another case of airport security in America gone horribly wrong:

The Homeland Security Department sent a letter apologizing to a Muslim woman who was detained at the Tampa airport and strip searched at a county jail.

Safana Jawad, 45, a Spanish citizen who was born in Iraq, was detained on April 11 because of a suspected tie to a suspicious person, authorities said. She was held for two days before being deported to England.

Why England?

Jawad was traveling to Clearwater to visit her 16-year-old son, who lived with her ex-husband, Ahmad Maki Kubba. Kubba, an Iraqi exile and American citizen for 27 years, was praised last year by Gov. Jeb. Bush for organizing a group to vote in Iraq’s election.

Kubba said his ex-wife’s detention prompted his son to move to Spain.

“I lost my son because of what happened,” Kubba said. “My son wanted to be in the U.S. Navy, and he speaks both English and Arabic. He would have been just what they are looking for. What they did to Jawad was unfair and is hurting America.”

Of course no one at the jail was found in violation of the rules, because the rules indicate you can do just about anything to anyone in the name of security. At least the rule enforcers didn’t send her off to one of the non-existent CIA “black sites”.

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