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14 Months Consecutive Growth: Volvo’s EV Sales Stronger Than Ever

Volvo EX30 Recharge for $35K is high quality, high comfort and low risk. What’s not to like? Source: MotorTrend

Every time I read an article that claims the EV market is slowing down, I look over at Volvo news to tell me the truth.

Volvo Cars reports its 14th consecutive month of growth as global sales reached 59,861 cars in October, up 10 per cent compared to the same period last year. The sales increase was primarily driven by the company’s fully electric cars. […] Sales of fully electric cars grew by 29 per cent compared to the same period last year…

Volvo sales have consecutively grown for over a year, with EV leading their numbers (one of the first legacy OEMs to commit to all-electric, targeting 2030).

Volvo EV saw a huge 49% increase from October 2022 in their US sales, while in Europe they saw a 123% EV sales boom.

There’s a simple reason for all that success over a long time. They aren’t liars. Their cars are comfortable, dependable and safe. They deliver on what they promise.

The market for garbage cars that are full of disappointment, as flocked by racist charlatans, is necessarily going to slow down by comparison. That’s not representative of an actual EV market any more than one circus run by a confidence man is the actual popcorn market.

Volvo, fortunately engineered with a strong sense of ethics, continues to blow other manufacturers out of the water.

In related news, Volvo has quietly been delivering large BEV trucks for long hauls and urban services.

Putin Assassinates Yet Another Russian Oil Executive

February 2022 Lukoil called for peace in Ukraine. September 2022 Lukoil chairman Ravil Maganov fell to his death from a Moscow hospital window. Lukoil was forced to state that he “passed away following a severe illness.”

Reports of recent high profile assassinations in Russia, as previously mentioned, have now put the total at 40 people dead.

That’s the same number as people killed with Tesla Autopilot. Which is worse?

Here’s the latest, another oil baron:

A top executive at Russia’s second-biggest oil company has become the third person to die suddenly in the past 18 months at the firm, which last year took a public stand over Vladimir Putin’s invasion of Ukraine.

Chairman of Lukoil Vladimir Nekrasov died after suffering acute heart failure, the company said on Tuesday. It did not respond to a request for further comment.

Mr Nekrasov replaced the previous head of Lukoil’s board Ravil Maganov in September last year, after he died falling from a hospital window, according to state-run news agency TASS.

Putin has even ordered his critic’s spouse and children killed, just like the families killed in a gruesome “veered” Tesla crash.

Is it any wonder how penalty of death means nobody in Russia dares to show any real thought or competence, just like under Tesla management?

More and more Tesla death court cases reveal that engineers are focused on avoiding or burying criticism, instead of on fixing their growing numbers of fatal design flaws.

Tesla engineer Ashok Elluswamy testified in court July 2022 how “Autopilot” AI had been an intentional fraud from its start, killing nearly 40 owners.

And so the death toll rises from these dictators who even collaborate.

Russian President Vladimir Putin on Tuesday praised Elon Musk, calling [sabotage of Ukraine communications the work of his] “talented businessman.”

Which is more likely now, Americans dying in a Tesla “driverless” crash or Russians falling to their death from a Moscow hospital window?

Road to Happiness in America? Ditch Your Car

2023 QuietKat Lynx. Source: Vista Outdoor

Even in an age of working from home, riding an electric bike (motorcycle) to the office makes more sense than ever.

…biking to work wasn’t just not unpleasant—it was downright enjoyable. It made me feel happier and healthier; I arrived to work a little more buoyant for having spent the morning in fresh air rather than traffic. Study after study shows that people with longer car commutes are more likely to experience poor health outcomes and lower personal well-being—and that cyclists are the happiest commuters.

This article is just saying what bicycle riders have known for many decades. The question is when will the people confined in false comfort of solitary cages figure out that happiness comes inherently from being outside.

In May, I asked Will Toor, the executive director of the Colorado Energy Office, to explain the state’s rationale for a newly passed incentive that offers residents $450 to get an e-bike. He dutifully ticked through the environmental benefits and potential cost savings for low-income people. Then he surprised me: The legislation, he added, was also about “putting more joy into the world.”

It’s hard to overstate how true this is. People on bikes riding next to each other have a literal opposite mood to the “road rage” felt in cars that share spaces.

Desperate Tesla Begs US Gov for Handouts to Pay For its Move to Texas

Tesla is perhaps not known well enough for shutting down high speed rail in CA with a “hyper loop” pipe dream that never delivered anything.

They threw fiction into PR cycles using scam and propaganda methods because they couldn’t handle any competition with their poorly made cars (which are increasingly killing hundreds in “veered” head on collisions due to quality failures).

At the end of the day, Tesla became little more than corporate welfare with a fraudulent CEO taking handouts while far more sensible public transportation was delayed or cancelled.

Now, he is at it again, setting up another transfer of public funds to his pockets with a total fiction about semis.

The automaker has requested $100 million from the United States government to build nine charging stations for the Semis, according to CleanTechnica and Bloomberg. The stations will be strategically positioned between Northern California and the southern border of Texas.

Build a high speed train instead. Problem solved.

This is little more than Tesla trying to trick the US government to fund a private shipping corridor between two private factories so Tesla can move its assets to Texas.

It’s a dumb political stunt and total waste of money, which is why Tesla wants to troll someone into paying for it.

Why Texas? More like Apartheid, it has less protection of working people from exploitation by racist billionaires.

Source: Twitter