NZ Man Who Boasted Autopilot Saves Lives is Found Guilty of Death Using a Tesla

Jail is being discussed now.

Judge Marshall found Sharma was distracted driving on a road he’d never driven before and not noticing the “dip” in the road ahead of him.

The judge cited supplied evidence that Dawson Rd was used by 300 to 500 cars each day, yet there’d only been one other serious crash in that area since 2017.

The accused is an unbelievably horrible liar, who seems to have repeatedly told officials ridiculous yarns to avoid his obvious guilt… as if trying to personally extend Elon Musk’s perpetual fraud.

Sharma claimed he crashed his Tesla and killed his friend in order to avoid a raccoon on the road, in a country that has no raccoons.

Sharma claimed his phone automatically on its own started searching Safari for how to delete Tesla data after he crashed.

Sharma claimed to have rescued his friend from the car by dragging her to safety, yet she was found burned to death underneath it.

In case you were wondering who still buys and drives a Tesla, this man is who; a person who believes in acquiring magic status tokens, that by swallowing false promises of a racist demagogue the laws of physics or country should no longer apply to them.

Sharma literally texted “Autopilot saves lives” after dangerous driving, foreshadowing he would then ignore the road and crash his Tesla, killing his friend.

The death curve is alarming from Tesla because its sub-par engineering combined with con-art by Elon Musk’s “88” personality traits can only result in ever more disasters.

NASA Burns Tesla in Space Vehicle Awards

The Cybertruck repeatedly was marketed as a 1970s spoiled rich kid dream of a vehicle for other planets.

And, like most 1970s marketing tricks targeting the lazy and uneducated, it has achieved only the trivially simple capability of going nowhere fast.

Remember this stock pumping fraud that generated wild speculation? Without fraud there would be no Tesla. I’m just surprised it didn’t mention boobs, ninjas or 14 reasons to send 88 Republicans to mars.

Meanwhile scientists working on hard reality have announced their $5B allocation to vehicle deployment choices for the moon.

NASA has selected Intuitive Machines, Lunar Outpost, and Venturi Astrolab to advance capabilities for a lunar terrain vehicle (LTV) that Artemis astronauts will use to travel around the lunar surface…

Those names are unfamiliar to most, by design. Larger companies hedging big project risks have created disposable “booster” entities, so to speak, as small spinoffs obscure true contracts. Not long ago, however, it was the opposite, with Northop-Grumman, Boeing (McDonnell Douglas), Lockheed, Leidos and even General Motors more openly discussing this mission.

AVL, an industry-leader for the development, simulation, and testing of vehicle systems, will bring its expertise in the advancement of battery electric vehicles, autonomous driving, and propulsion solutions to make lunar surface mobility a reality.

Battery electric vehicles and autonomous driving. Ok, then.

In this early phase of the lunar project parade, I honestly expected the attention-addicted “where do you want to go” Microsoft execs to throw their hat in the ring.

Microsoft AI is an oxymoron

One small step for Windows XP… that probably should have been fired into the sun instead.

Again, notably absent, has been the Tesla clown show that delivered the fiction-based Cybertruck dud, which can’t even operate on earth.

French Historian Commemorates Those Who Didn’t Commit Genocide

For the 2024 remeberance of genocide in 1994 Rwanda, a leading historian on the subject calls out the role of “sauveteur“.

Dans toute cette horreur, Hélène Dumas a aussi été touchée par des figures de “sauveteur”, ces Justes hutus qui ont permis à des Tutsi de survivre : “Il faut souligner le rôle de ces personnes qui ont fait preuve d’humanité et qui ont montré par leurs actes et leur engagement qu’un choix était possible.”

These people proved a choice was possible.

Tesla Announces “8/8” Launch Date for RoboNazis

This is the stuff of a white supremacist who fled the end of South African apartheid in the late 1980s to illegally immigrate into the US.

Notably, after repeatedly promoting and spreading white supremacist memes, his carefully curated 88 announcement for robots isn’t a coincidence. It represents the future vision of Tesla engineering the same way a neck tattoo works.

88 is a white supremacist numerical code for “Heil Hitler.” H is the eighth letter of the alphabet, so 88 = HH = Heil Hitler. One of the most common white supremacist symbols, 88 is used throughout the entire white supremacist movement, not just neo-Nazis. One can find it as a tattoo or graphic symbol; as part of the name of a group, publication or website; or as part of a screenname or e-mail address. It is even sometimes used as a greeting or sign-off (particularly in messages on social networking websites).

Twitter has always been friendly to Nazis

Related: Tesla announced its largest “single build” site design would have exactly 88 charging stalls, after announcing its cars would cost… $88k.

Not to mention Tesla told German drivers that battery range estimates were calculated for an average speed of 88 km/h (54.68 mph), as reported in 2014:

Für diese ist noch ein weiterer Wert für die Reichweite angegeben – 480 km – „geschätzt“ bei einer Durchschnittsgeschwindigkeit von 88 km/h. Für eine Reise-Limousine ist das doch ein Scherz, oder?

Ist das doch ein Scherz” literally means “is this but a joke“? Tesla kept their Hitler car theme going by then registering the Model 3 “Motorleistung” (engine power) as 88kw and giving the car 88 voice commands.

Tesla Marketing?
Charge Plugs: 88
Model Cost: 88
Average Speed: 88
Engine Power: 88
Voice commands: 88
Robot swarm launch date: 8/8

Nazis posted 88 (“Heil Hitler”) around Mügeln, Germany as a warning before they unleashed mob violence against non-whites. Source: Der Spiegel

And how did the Tesla CEO post a financial statement of value against loans?

Musk’s Tesla stock—or roughly 88 million shares—was pledged as collateral to secure personal debt, an August regulatory filing shows.

Also related: Musk yet again tries to promote and shield Nazis having trouble spreading fascism in Germany.

Notably, he asks “What did ‘you‘ say”, and then pretends to not know why spreading a Nazi slogan would be illegal in Germany.

These tactics seem awfully personal and direct, like posing a question to a friend in need, while deviously promoting willfull ignorance. The accused said “Alles für Deutschland“. He may as well have said 88 (Heil Hitler), as every white supremacist knows.

“Hi… just hi, for now.” Source: Tages Spiegel

The accused, an AfD party leader long associated with Nazism, gave a 2021 speech ending with a shout out to the Nazi “stormtroopers” by using their very well known slogan for dramatic effect:

The Nazi dagger with its simple slogan engraved on the blade is hugely symbolic of genocide and very well known to AfD. Over 3 million were made after 1934. You can find such displays of hate today hanging as a decoration on racist homes in Italy, Austria and even America but not Germany.

That AfD leader is going to court because “I’m just being funny/stupid with Nazi symbolism” isn’t an excuse in Germany, unlike America where Elon Musk exploits loopholes for a living.

In fact the Elon Musk “X” is a Nazi swastika reference from the 1930s that his fascist grandfather promoted, and “Mars Technocracy” just means Nazism.

Elon Musk’s space company SpaceX has launched 88 satellites…