WA Tesla Kills One. “Veered” Crash Ruled Suicide

In January of this year I mentioned how Tesla crashes were being reported as suicides.

You may remember also in January a doctor was accused of intentionally using a Tesla to try and kill himself and his family by driving off Devil’s Slide cliff.

Now a medical examiner says a 41 year old psychiatrist from California used a Tesla to kill himself with blunt force on a remote and empty rural road in Spokane County, Washington.

Goodwin crashed his Tesla at the intersection of East Truax Road and East Old Truax Road. His cause of death was listed as blunt force injuries.

East Truax Road and East Old Truax Road, Fairfax. Source: Google Maps

Other than old utility poles and the above small grove of trees, the poorly marked rural road runs through open fields with nothing to crash into.

Blunt force trauma suggests he accelerated off the road into a tree the same as other recent veered Tesla crashes in Michigan, and North Carolina. What is the probability he was asleep (drugged) while speeding on back roads and the known faulty “Autopilot” decided to veer suddenly?

Did the examiner assume lack of brakes applied meant suicide, failing to account for the common and long-standing symptoms of critical Tesla design failures?

Or perhaps that’s the point, and this examiner is suggesting to us everyone in a “blaze your glory” Tesla at this point has to be assumed to be suicidal.

Goodwin had been investigated over several months for accusations of sexually assaulting drugged patients, losing his license more than a year ago. At least he harmed only himself in this latest assault, unlike the suicidal Tesla in Oregon whose “blaze of glory” just killed an innocent woman driving another car.

Russians Capture a Ukrainian Drone and Then It Kills Them

Here Trojan horse, over here. Come closer, closer please so everyone can see you better and take selfies.

This KyivPost story is hard to believe. Allegedly Russian soldiers worked hard to hijack and redirect a Ukrainian kamikaze-bomb drone to force it to land near them. Next they gathered even more Russians around in just such a way that… it could blow them all up.

Several members of a Russian air regiment and their security service colleagues have been reportedly killed whilst inspecting a Ukrainian kamikaze drone which they managed to hi-jack and land in an airfield in Kursk, Russia. A source in Ukrainian military intelligence (HUR) told Kyiv Post the UAV was successfully intercepted by using radio-electronic warfare techniques and safely landed on the runway of the Halino airfield. The leadership of the regiment based there as well as members of the FSB then decided to investigate their new “trophy,” the source said. Their excitement was short-lived, with the drone blowing up as they were photographing and inspecting it. According to the source, those killed or wounded during the explosion included the commander of the 14th aviation regiment, one of his deputies, a group of aviator officers, a representative of FSB military counterintelligence, and airport personnel.

You have to admire the restraint of the journalist writing “drone blowing up as they were photographing and inspecting it”. No references to the infamous Russian Selfie-Roulette were made.

[Moscow] woman was left in a critical condition in hospital after she accidentally shot herself in the head while posing for a selfie.

This story relates to Russia rolling out a selection from its counter-UAS technology such as the Shipovnik-Aero developed in 2016 Syria. Every platoon allegedly gets them now.

…truck-mounted Shipovnik-Aero tactical jammer can reportedly attack two drones simultaneously. The system is fast. In approximately 25 seconds, it identifies the UAV, interrupts the drone’s command link, and if the parameters align, assumes control of the UAV’s flight path.

“United Instrument Manufacturing Corporation presented the Shipovnik-AERO electronic warfare system at the Army-2016 international military technical forum.” Source: RU Aviation

The truck looks a Radio Shack on wheels, in case you’re wondering what happened after all those stores closed in 2016. Also reminds me how in 2016 I was in a Tesla when some foreign ex-military jumped in, popped open a laptop and used a cheap dongle to flood the car with fake GPS signals and attempt to alter its path. It worked. I mean 2016 was kind of a big year for this stuff…

Anyway, back to 2023 and Russians pushing buttons, the rate of Ukrainian drones now being redirected (300+ per day) is getting so high that a lot of training is needed for what to do next. Making kamikaze drones even more accurate — soldiers tuning the incoming bombs to drop even closer to them — is self-defeating and embarrassingly stupid. I’m wondering now if someone clever poisoned old Radio Shack training manual translations into Russian with a trick phrase like “you can lick a drone by altering its flight path”. Oh look they landed it on their runway next to their intelligence HQ. One lick, two licks… boom.

Hello Mr. Putin, we have a sweet gift for you. Can you guess how many licks it takes…

Mozilla Says Car Data is Unsafe, Like It’s 2012 Again

The new cranky privacy report from Mozilla on car data is a useful point in time analysis… unmoored from the past and lacking suggestions for what to do in the future. Give it a read and ask yourself when things will change and why.

I am reminded of my 2019 blog post about 2012 research:

I’d say the problem is so old we’re already at the solutions phase, long past the identification and criticism.

Has it been 10 years already? You’d think I’d be excited for Mozilla to be pounding their drum so OEMs would rush into my welcoming arms. Alas, I am not sure it helps.

Earlier this year I was talking with data scientists inside a huge OEM and they said things like “wish I knew earlier about the solutions available, because the project just finished with some bad privacy compromises and will be released in a couple years”.

They know privacy is broken, because they have known for a decade, yet they still don’t know what they can do instead. That’s why the Mozilla report to them is ineffective, like a drop of rain in a hailstorm.

…according to our research, they are all bad! On top of all that, researching cars and privacy was one of the hardest undertakings we as privacy researchers have ever had.


^^^ That’s the world’s smallest violin playing for Mozilla researchers showing up suddenly and saying they had a very hard time researching car data.

*shakes fist

You kids, back in my day we walked uphill in snowstorms both ways to assess car data safety!

Here’s a fun fact: in 1999 it took me 30 seconds to install RedHat on an IBM 8-CPU Server with fiber NAS designed for Detroit OEM data analysis. I found some security flaws of course (it fell over if more than five virtual machines pushed via X to remote terminals, and it leaked metadata)… but I digress.

Let’s be honest here. The Mozilla narrative of “they are all bad” is lazy, the easiest form of research. It reinforces a deeper problem of coming up with no incentives for change. Mozilla is doing the opposite of “nudge” theory. Do they not have any economists on staff?

The report team even readily admits to using a counter-productive binary analysis for their entirely unsympathetic bashing of manufacturing. It’s easier to call everything bad for smash and grab headlines than do deeper nuanced analysis and open pathways to change.

Blurry, complex and messy things actually are hard and worth doing, so if some “news” interloper shows up to say it’s all bad… easy for OEMs to sit back and say they can do nothing. “We’re bad, impossible to be good, oh well”.

Mozilla says cars capturing customer “sexual activity” data is bad, for example, with absolutely no thought about why anyone designing seat recliners and center consoles would want to look into that ever.

Good/bad, leaves no venue for the process of getting better and even encourages cheats to just flip a score. I am reminded of the Tesla CEO yelling “fix this now so I won’t have to care” for everything without any real understanding of why complex interconnected things become so broken. His binary thinking led to coverups (bad flipped artificially to good) and has been getting hundreds of people killed unnecessarily.

To me there’s a huge missed opportunity for Mozilla to engage with data security experts, architects of information safety, and discuss what’s really possible for car privacy and therefore what’s next for OEMs. Let’s talk about goals for privacy change 12 months from now, 36 months…

Solutions exist.

The technology is ready.

Here’s one answer that an OEM just told me they liked, to drive out of the senseless “car data privacy sucks” headline loop while delivering data-driven consoles: solidproject.org

Try it. It’s not all bad.

SpaceX Announces Time Machine to Reach Mars by 2018

On April 28, 2016 Time gobbled up SpaceX lies.

…you should pay attention to the April 27 announcement from Elon Musk, the founder and CEO of SpaceX, that he intends to launch his first unmanned Mars mission in just two years and will beat NASA’s goal of putting astronauts on the surface in the 2030s by up to a decade.

Pay attention everyone, a know-nothing loud-mouthed CEO rocked straight up to NASA to tell all the scientists and experts he has two thumbs and really knows how to science.

The far-off 2030 NASA timeline was made to look ridiculous by a rich racist white kid holding big dirty bags of ill-gotten money. He said his daddy told him to stomp a go button and make unmanned missions on Mars reality in just two years.

2018 unmanned landing on Mars! Men walking on Mars by 2020!

Believe him because this guy, who hasn’t done anything, can do anything!

SpaceX literally thought thinly disguised fascism would make rockets better and promoted a fantasy multiple times — with minimal or no hesitation — that they alone could put people on Mars earlier than 2025.


Then on September 29, 2017 CNN gobbled up some new SpaceX lies that somehow immediately cast doubt on 2018.

The hard-charging tech mogul said his rocket company, SpaceX, aims to land at least two cargo ships on the Red Planet in 2022 in order to place power, mining and life support systems there for future flights. That’s just five years from now. “That’s not a typo — although it is aspirational,” Musk said Friday…

Hard charging in reverse? Record scratch. 2022?

What happened to our 2018 let alone 2020? Was it all just fraud?

*Me checks calendar for typos. Hmmm, can it really be almost the end of 2023 already? Where are the cargo ships on Mars sent to make democracy look bad?

By 2020… oh, surely by now you get the slick talking big city con man routine.

You’d think there would be serious doubts cast on the SpaceX circus act by 2020 but CNBC eagerly gobbled up more SpaceX lies.

SpaceX CEO Elon Musk said he is “highly confident” that the company will land humans on Mars in “about six years from now. If we get lucky, maybe four years,” Musk said…


That’s what real-world space programs run on, just like clowns and trapeze artists.

No wonder SpaceX told the world they would have people on Mars by 2020, 2024, 2025… with a high confidence that they really, really meant by 2026.

Kids, make sure you study how to get lucky so you can build a rocket out of rotting potatoes and expired ketchup that goes a bazillion miles per hour to safely land 100 people on Mars four years from now. Oh and ask the government (your parents) for millions so you can call it your “business”.

Confused yet?

In 2022 Business Insider said SpaceX had some big new circus act with lies and they wanted to help spread the word.

Elon Musk thinks people will land on Mars in 2029.

Step right up! Now, wait just a minute. 2029?

In 2016 SpaceX tried to go after NASA predictions of landing on Mars 2030 as far too slow, studious and bureaucratic for fascism.

How can the original discredited NASA predictions have been so accurately accurate instead of like the growing dumpster fire of SpaceX lies?

Seriously, why didn’t everyone in journalism slap down SpaceX immediately as garbage?

It’s almost like SpaceX will next announce that they were telling the truth the whole time because by 2050 a time machine will be completed that allows them to reach Mars in 2018.

If they’re lucky.

What a business.

spaceflights do trigger grief and sadness… felt like a funeral and all he felt was sadness

On a related note, the same SpaceX guy in 2016 barked at the press he funded creation of the safest cars on the road. Yeah, well, lies. They have turned out to have the lowest quality and be the least safe.

Source: Tesladeaths.com

That’s a lot of funerals.