Shell Permanently Shuts Down its California Hydrogen Stations

I never, ever understood the hydrogen car crowd. The fantasy of building a giant sprawling hydrogen generation and supply infrastructure, another horribly centralized yet unstable model of high risk energy, seemed totally nuts. Here are a couple of my old blog posts, if you see what I mean.

Perhaps they could rename hydrogen-based combustion engines as “farcicles”…so we can go riding on a farcicle built for four.

Fast forward to today, and Shell is abruptly killing the hydrogen dream.

Shell to permanently close all of its hydrogen refuelling stations for cars in California … Shell had last September told Hydrogen Insight that it had “discontinued its plan to build and operate additional light-duty vehicle fueling stations in California”, effectively scrapping the 48 new sites it had previously announced it would build.

Picture this: Shell accepting $40.6 million in grant money from California, only to close operations shortly thereafter. It seems like Shell accepted the funds as a gesture to politicians who expect now to be receiving that money back from Shell for upcoming elections.

“Just a quick signature boys to rob the taxpayers and then I’m off to cheat on my wife”. The California Governor “loved” hydrogen in 2004.

The flow reflects hydrogen serving mainly as a politically corrupt system. Climate attention and energy resources are unjustly diverted by wealthy incumbents into scams (e.g. toxic hydrogen, broken hyperloop, dead Tesla-tunnels) in order to deny practical and secure initiatives.

What a farcicle.

Perhaps ironically there is a buried lede in this long running disaster. Smaller engineering fraud stories are bubbling up within the larger hydrogen supply-chain management fiasco.

“Fraud, false promises, concealment”. Iwatani files lawsuit against Nel over faulty hydrogen refueling stations.

Who could have seen it coming? Who?

TX Tesla Kills One: Senator McConnell’s Sister-in-Law Reversed Underwater and Drowned

U.S. Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Kentucky) and wife, Elaine Chao, former Secretary of Transportation and Labor, sister of Angela Chao. Angela Chao was just tragically killed by her unfortunate choice of transportation, the notoriously unsafe Tesla.

Something in this story tells me Angela Chao shouldn’t have been in a Tesla if she really had wanted to stay alive.

…Ms. Chao died at a Texas ranch after backing her Tesla into a pond. “Angela Chao’s death at a private Texas ranch in Blanco, County is suspicious,” Mr. Bass wrote.

Her car reversed itself into a pond and 15 feet under water? That doesn’t read like a conspiracy, unless you include Tesla not being banned for being the sad lawn dart of American roads. Or if you include Tesla’s CEO fraudulently boasting that his cars magically float like a witch duck boat.

Despite holding degrees from Harvard and achieving top positions in U.S. society and business, the news portrays the victim somehow as totally incapable of handling a Tesla gear selector or avoiding harm from reversing suddenly into a pond.

This situation underscores a longstanding concern I’ve been addressing for nearly two decades in presentations, training and writing: highly sophisticated fraud schemes, such as Tesla, can destroy even some of the most high performing and intelligent people.

Individuals who show high talent or intelligence will NOT automatically avoid falling victim to straightforward scams like advance fee fraud (AFF), given a particular set of cognitive vulnerability exploits (e.g. bias). Chao knew nothing about automotive safety engineering, which is why she put herself in grave danger by getting into a Tesla in the first place. We’ve seen similar tragedy especially among highly successful medical doctors who unfortunately trusted Tesla, only to be burned to death.

Chao’s company management, her family, her friends and her asset managers all should have prohibited such an obvious and unnecessary risk to her life.

For instance, individuals with no knowledge of Africa at all are the most likely to suddenly start sending money to “Nigerian princes” in hopes of swift wealth. Chao’s experience with throwing her life away in an obvious fraud parallels this scenario, akin to squandering family wealth in anticipation of prosperity gain or self-enrichment from a smooth-talking African “techno-king” (e.g. South African born Tesla CEO) promising an impossible future.

Without fraud, Tesla wouldn’t exist.

This also brings to mind a recent pertinent technical warning, which should probably get more attention.

A Greek accident investigator is petitioning NHTSA to recall 1.6 million Teslas over their ability to shift from Drive to Reverse without touching the brake pedal.

Would proper handling by regulators of this itsy “BTSI” problem have prevented Chao’s tragedy?

European Court of Human Rights: Telegram Does Not Have to Decrypt Messages for Russian Government

In a case known as Anton Valeryevich Podchasov v. Russia the European Court of Human Rights has published the following conclusion upholding privacy and protecting encryption.

80. The Court concludes from the foregoing that the contested legislation providing for the retention of all Internet communications of all users, the security services’ direct access to the data stored without adequate safeguards against abuse and the requirement to decrypt encrypted communications, as applied to end-to-end encrypted communications, cannot be regarded as necessary in a democratic society. In so far as this legislation permits the public authorities to have access, on a generalised basis and without sufficient safeguards, to the content of electronic communications, it impairs the very essence of the right to respect for private life under Article 8 of the Convention. The respondent State has therefore overstepped any acceptable margin of appreciation in this regard.

81. There has accordingly been a violation of Article 8 of the Convention.

The conclusion clearly states Russia is violating Article 8.

Right to respect for private and family life, home and correspondence.

The case stemmed from Russian legislation that mandated telecommunication service providers must retain both the actual content of communications and associated metadata for defined durations, without discriminating based on content or users. Furthermore, a 2017 directive from the Russian Federal Security Service demanded that Telegram provide technical details necessary for decrypting communications.

Tesla CEO Again Fraudulently Promotes Dangerous FSD as Safe for Drunk Driving

The heartbreaking Washington Post account of the tragic demise of a Tesla employee underscores a significant detail. The owner was under the influence of alcohol at the time of his fatal crash caused by the Full Self-Driving (FSD) system.

Notably, The Washington Post’s coverage meticulously substantiated the role of Tesla in the unfortunate fatality, killing an owner who believed he could trust his CEO’s outlandish statements about FSD safety.

From this harrowing low point, the response unfolds predictably.

Tesla’s CEO has attempted to discredit the narrative by perpetuating the same perilous fallacy that operating a vehicle under the influence of alcohol with FSD engaged would ensure safety.

The facts remain stark: the Tesla staff killed was absolutely convinced he was utilizing FSD at the time of his crash, a detail unequivocally clarified by The Washington Post.

More to the point, the consequences of a CEO’s engineering culture that created FSD are tragically evident, given how his intoxicated staff were burned to death for believing FSD would protect them.

Consider this: If the Tesla employee who met a tragic end was NOT utilizing FSD despite thinking he had it running all the time, it implies a systemic overestimation within Tesla’s ranks regarding FSD even being installed — a horrible deception even more egregious.

Tesla’s CEO unnecessarily compounds all the issues by obnoxiously perpetuating a false notion that driving under the influence with FSD is safe. He encourages further perilous behavior (while also proving the Washington Post reporting accurate). But he also undermines the very notion that FSD has any integrity at all when installed or during operation.

This situation evokes another urgent warning: Refrain from engaging with Tesla vehicles, and advocate against their usage among friends and family.

The Tesla response would be like if the CEO of Boeing suggested, after a plane’s cabin door plug unexpectedly detached mid-flight, that passengers could prevent such occurrences by relying even more on known defective engineering — continuing to fly as usual despite news of a serious failure.

Boeing’s planes were GROUNDED without any fatalities. Why are Tesla still allowed to operate on public roads with hundreds already dead and rising?